Need to know the name of a protein supplement that grows hair?

My boyfriend used to take these protein supplements to build his muscles and I also took it occasionally and found a vast difference in the increase in volume of my hair. We have split now and I can’t remember the brand name of that protein product. If anyone knows the name of this or any other type of protein supplement, please help.


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  1. blondness13j says:

    it might have been creotene…. that is a popular male muscle vitamin. you can try over the counter prenatal vitamins too.. when i was pregnant with my daughter my hair and nails grew like crazy!


    Or u can get Hair Transplant for under 1000. They they take hair form the back of ur head and plant it where ever. orif u have a round head. u look right bald.

  3. i hear prenatal vitamins- for pregnant women work good. and at vitamin stores they usually have a vitamin for growing healthy hair/nails.

  4. hair freak says:

    I think you should check out
    I just went to their launch party and had my hair done, free as a demo. Its amazing, my hair was breaking off and flying away. I will always always buy this stuff. Its awesome, I saw a difference as soon as she rinsed my hair. I have no damage anymore, its unbelievable! No more split-ends, its like my hair is NEW! I love it! and they have a myspace. I just asked to be on their friends list

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