Can someone explain to me what muscle mass is and muscle strength? And muscle Tone?

For example, do you need muscle mass to get muscle strength? or vice versa? or not at all. Then what is the point for 4-7 strength reps, then 8-12 for mass, then more for toning. What is that?

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  1. Harrison N says:

    Muscle mass is needed to build muscle strength, muscle tone is built when you exercise muscle endurance. Muscle endurance is simply when you do a lot of reps with light weights, e.g. 25 reps of 5kg dumbells.Muscle mass is simply how much muscle you have and it goes simply with the more muscle you have the strobnger you are. This doesn't mean bulky guys are really strong because as much muscle as they may have, they may also have a lot of fat along with that. Thats where you find a muscly sort of toned looking guy against a bulky guy but the muscly guy lifts heavier weights than the bulky guy. the 4-7 thing is something I haven't heard of but I'm sure it's the same thing but just a drop in intensity. What I know is that for strength training (meaning to build muscle mass) you do no more than 8-12 reps of heavy weights that YOU can lift in a controlled motion. Doing more reps means you're starting to work muscle endurance instead.

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