Old School Muscle Building Workout Program (German Training Method) Day 1

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  1. goblin235 says:

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  2. that 3rd exercise the dumbell fly, the next day uv done a couple of sets with them and u r really sore for a couple of days depending on what weight ur using.

  3. abhi1234jpr says:


  4. JabbaWockeeZGuY says:

    Congratulations on ur wedding Arnel

  5. No, you should not be down to 6 reps by the 6th set. If you are, the weight is too low. The point of the 10 X 10 is to take advantage of the nervous system response. If you pick the weight right, the 6th or 7thset may be what you think is the last set to get 10, but then the next 2 sets get easier. After that it goes downhill fast. That’s where the magic is.


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  7. dannymackk says:

    on each exercise, you do 10 reps, stop, 10 reps agan, etc. for 10 times.

  8. can one please tell me i dont get why he says 10 by 10 work out does he mean he we do every exercise ten times or a 100 ??

  9. sajithms13 says:

    good 2 see

  10. bluboy6554 says:

    lol no, that’s just good circulation and bloodflow to his scalp from being bent over. 😀

  11. mycomputer69696969 says:

    yah i know right he needs to be workin it harder

  12. xsteroidsx says:

    the exercise after the pullups at a heavier weight burns a shit load of calories and its very effective

  13. josephhandsome1013 says:

    i agree… even the chest fly… his arms are not bent enough…

  14. MiSTAAAHMEK says:

    2:28 looks like he has a major head injury he doesn’t know about, lol

  15. mycomputer69696969 says:

    the point of a chin up is to get ur chin above the bar jew nose

  16. xo1tom1ox says:

    i think this 3 day workout is once a week. So you do all these excersizes only 3 times a week so one workout rest next day then workout again. you can take 2 days rest if your muscles are really sore but its for muscle growth for skinny guys

  17. im suprised at how much out of breath he is after only a few sets…but the workouts good 😀 seen myself grow loads

  18. lookatme10x says:


  19. u get ripped bices in 3 days

  20. MarioxETF says:

    isnt this basically like HIT but less weight? and more sets?

  21. stefanakias says:

    how many times a weak?

  22. excellent.. but keeping your upper body kinda locked in that rowing motion is better i think

    i really appreciate your movies!

  23. Each exercise requires proper form! The dumbbell rows at the last bit anyone, im pretty sure you are not suppose to rock your body up and down lk that?

  24. WeAreWakingUp says:

    Every fitness enthusiast with access to a door frame should have a pull-up bar. No excuses. It’s like 10-15 dollars U.S.

  25. Mjolnir121 says:

    There is nothing that compares to pull-up bar exercises.

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