What is the best non-steriod supplement to gain weight and muscle?

im 18 years old and i weigh about 115. i do work out and eat right. im just looking for a supplement that would get me big fast. preferring a pill supplement.

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  1. Try looking for a nitric oxide/ creitine supplement. When using those suppliments however you must drink heavy amounts of water because that water is pushed into ur muscles. Muscle is 70% water. As far as gaining lean body mass; diet, exercise routine, genetics and rest all play a roll too.

  2. little brother says:

    high protein milk or protein powders are good

  3. lolitablackhearts says:

    +1 on the protein shakes. If you prefer a pill I’m sure there’s protein pills avaliable. Check your local health food store!

    shake and a steak. 🙂 Aw yeah.

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