what pre work out supplement should i take and how can i gain muscle mass?

hi, im 19 years old, 150 weight, 5 10 height, i work out 4 to 5 times a week. i take multivitamin in the morning and protein shake after a workout for my muscles to recover. i eat a lot but i don’t gain muscle mass. how can i do it and what pre workout supplement should i take?

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  1. redLeader says:

    I have always taken a pre and post workout shake. The pre workout shake I always put 5 grams of creatine in it and the post workout shake I add a scoop of L-Glutamine. These seem to work very well together

  2. At your age mate it sounds like your on the right track with your protein shakes and multi vitamin, your still growing so its hard to reccomend a supplement.

    If you were another 10 years older I would probably recommend a natural pre-workout supp called 60% icariin capsules, they have increased my pumps and recovery throughout each workout tenfold, so it’s one I always recommend to my buddies at the local gym.

    For your age group I would say eat loads of chickens and stay motivated doing plenty and plenty of reps.

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