muscle mass ?

how could i build muscle mass at a somewhat quick rate? stuff that wouldn’t require me to get a home gym, or go to a gym, something i can do at home. i am mostly concerned about biceps and abs

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  1. 1-Eyed EngiNERD says:

    I guess you’re referring to bodyweight exercises then.

    Variations pressups, pullups, and dips will target your arms (biceps, triceps, delts) and back muscles (lats, traps, rhom).

    Variations of static holds which require compression of core, crunches & situps, hang leg raises, ab wheel rollouts to target your rectus abdominis, obliques, hip flexors.

    Get at least 48 hrs of rest after each workout to allow your muscle tissues to repair themselves and grow.

    Plenty of protein before and after workout for muscle growth so that they’re not broken down and used as energy source.

  2. victoriatus says:

    keep dreaming

  3. tunerkid05 says:

    do some push ups
    ab crunches
    if you have any low trees you could do pull ups on one of the branches.
    but there isnt much you can do

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