What is the best supplement stack for me?

Im about 6′ 1" and 145 lbs. I barely have any fat on my body at all. I just started lifting so im just wondering what the best system of supplements i should be using to get the strongest i can be in a shorter period of time.

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  1. Maaaaaate thats a huge question right there, but I will attempt to help because Iam or should I say I was a similar height and weight ratio to you, slim lean and a little lanky or tall sounds better.

    Well initially I would say if your wanting to get better built then your going to have to be on the whey protein, thats a no brainer, also you need to be committed, very committed and eating lots of meats, not fat but lean meat.

    So as far as a stack goes I would say eat lots of meat and fish, take whey protein powder both before and after a workout session on every workout. As for supps, ive used many over the years and the one that I would recommend to my gym buddies to get someone built from being a slim frame would be 60% icariin capsules as they will increase your overall stamina at the gym so you can rip up more muscle tissue whilst in a workout then I would recommend taking as they are natural and won’t mess you up like say steroids would, but thats if your time conscious.

    Also mate lastly but equally as important, get some serious sleep after those workouts, as thats when you will notice the formula between supps diet and your own body come together.

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