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  1. TheSim666 says:

    @skyjuke2006 chin ups (under hand grip) do work the chest aswell.

  2. msmith386 says:

    you are going to low when you do dips. To put more stress on the chest youshould only go just above 45 degrees

  3. headbangers67 says:

    if you bring your knees up to ur chin and put your head forward you should feel it on your chest alot more, and i wouldnt say use a straight bars either, i use the bars that start at the same point and move away from each other, parallel bars are more for tricep i think.

  4. xxrockthemikexx says:

    @ceeIoc then the dip bars are too close. If they are close together (triceps) if they are farther apart(chest)

  5. kiddhitta says:

    yes…..what happens with a little practice?

  6. They look great and really good form too. I’d say the forward legs is difficult but with a little practice…

  7. yes they are

  8. that’s true, but I think the guy means, if you want a great overall shape, then all you need is this and a chinup bar, so you can train practically every muscle group with those ­čÖé

  9. fenotipobombay says:

    is this good for pectorals?

  10. That was a good one! I will definitley give it a try on my next workout! Thanks and keep it up!!!

  11. skyjuke2006 says:

    chin bar is for biceps & latissimus dorsi not for chest

  12. mghayadar says:

    Wow, I did not know we can tist legas backward & front to do dips. And do we needs to bend hands from shoulder 90 degrees

  13. Doesnt this work your trcieps more? Anytime I do it thats all I feel

  14. LifeForYoga says:

    This and chin-up bar is all you need

  15. bridavis03 says:

    why wouldn’t you do flat or decline? must be the most ridiculous comment i’ve heard yet

  16. Menelyagor12 says:


  17. thatstheguy07 says:


  18. jasonfish07 says:


  19. ItalianLeprechaun says:

    Actually the first exercise works your triceps more and the second works more of your chest like a decline bench press.

  20. shanmaster07 says:

    for chest workouts,jus work on ur upper chest alone..nvr do flat or decline workouts..n do cardio n watch ur nutrition..

  21. GotMilkFilms says:

    Im afraid not, there is a made up thing called spot fat reduction, where people can lose fat off a specific are, such as lower chest, but this is made up. The way to lose fat is to eat right and have regular cardio sessions. Then you’ll lose fat off all the body, fortunately though the chest is one of the first places on the body to lose fat, but nevertheless, as you may already know losing fat isn’t that easy

  22. moviedude22 says:


  23. guttersnipephil says:

    yeah agreed but when doing weights etc you can burn fat by training for endurance and also you can do intestity training circuits too. cardio is a must agreed but you can still loose a fair bit with the workouts.

  24. originalsupergrover says:

    truest comment on youtube.

  25. thegarbageman21 says:

    muscle burns fat but you have to be in shape. There are plenty of muscular guys that are overweight yet train very hard in the gym 4-5 times per week. Unless you are counting calories to perfection or have insanely good genetics you have to do plenty of cardio to lower your BF significantly.

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