What is a good supplement to take that will get me stronger?

I don’t want to put on weight, I just want a supplement that will help get me stronger. I know Whey Protein is good but there are so many different brands to choose from! Something low in calories would be nice too….That muscle milk is too much in calories. Lately, my strength has been going down. I don’t take any supplements what so ever and I think the time has come to start so I can get stronger and not weaker.

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  1. It sometimes happens because of overtraining.I take no-xplode,cell mass, and 3 other proteins.On saturdays which is my 5th day i feel like my strength is going down.So i changed it to only 4 days of hardcore training.Training more than 4 days a weak heavy will make you weak no matter what supplement u use even roids.Your muscles are breaking down when you are working out.Your muscles need time for recovery.More time for recovery good to go.That doesnt mean workout only once a weak.

  2. Take whey protein. Any brand should be fine. Not taking any supplenments shouldn’t make you weaker. I don’t know why you are, that could be a medical problem. But noxplode is a good choice.

  3. be careful with those snake oil magical mystery juices, if you want to get stronger work with heavy weight with slow controlled movements over your whole range of motion, no wrenching, grunting or straining. controlled even motion over your full range.

  4. mad080572 says:

    Take a couple of weeks off and hit the weights again soon after that. Add pure creatine monohydrate to your supplement list, I get mine from nutrabio.com. Its pure creatine.

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