Weight Loss Reviews: How to Suppress Your Big Appetite and Lose Weight/Find Your Motivation

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Find your motivation

Motivation is very important to every activity you do. What becomes your motivation trying to lose weight and suppress appetite? Usually, it is the experience of other people. You have a friend that found strength and managed to suppress her hunger and lose weight?  Do you want to be somewhat similar to those glamorous girls on the covers of the magazines? Are you any worse?  Every woman can find her motivators which will not only help to lose weight, but primarily control the appetite.

Always in a good mood

Researchers have found the bond between good mood and the hunger.  It turns out that feeling good has a whole lot to do with chemicals–brain chemicals called neurotransmitters and one of those is called serotonin. Research proved that serotonin has a two-pronged effect, activating specific neurons that slow appetite, while also blocking others that increase it.  If you need to boost up your mood, just go outside for sunshine- it may indirectly help with serotonin synthesis. Also practice stress-defeaters throughout your day. Stress can reduce serotonin levels, so take a few minutes for slow, deep breathing, meditation, yoga or Pilates workout. As you see once again, exercise!  Research shows that exercise boosts serotonin in the brain as well.

Be stylish!

Fashion and style are so interrelated with beauty and slenderness. Uncontrolled appetite simply doesn’t go with your wishes to have nice stylish clothes that you want to get yourself and wear it in the size that you want. So use this as your motivation as well. Try to dress yourself fashionably-it will help you to observe your body.


Researchers discovered that partial sleep deprivation alters the circulating levels of the hormones that regulate hunger, causing an increase in appetite and a preference for calorie-dense, high-carbohydrate foods. These two hormones are ghrelin and decreased leptin, a hormonal pattern that is consistent with decreased energy expenditure and increased appetite and obesity. Studies showed that in individuals who sleep less than 8 hours, body mass index was inversely proportional to sleep duration. In addition, short sleep was associated with low leptin and high ghrelin levels. These hormonal differences are likely to increase appetite, which could be responsible for the increased body mass index in short sleepers. So try to avoid the lack of sleep, because this may trigger a hormone in the blood that stimulates appetite and a desire for high-calorie food.

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