How do I make my own dietary supplement?

How do I make my own dietary supplement?
Also, whats a good "reputable" dietary supplement manufacturer?

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  1. a couple years ago somebody tested the bioavailability of various supplements, and to everybody’s suprise, Schiff came out first overall. That is who I buy mine from. They have gel caplets for some minerals that are otherwise sort of like… corn. some people digest most of the corn, other people just pass it through unchanged.

    As for making your own dietary supplements: SOUP! Soup retains most of the vitamins in the water, and if you do it in a pressure cooker even more of them are made available to you, because some vitamins are locked up very well in the fiberous cells of plants. Tomatos, for instance, are a lot better for yu cooked than raw.

    Pork soups are very high in B vitamins, especially thiamine. Veggie soups pretty much have everything else… add some slow release startches like barley or brown rice and you have about the healthiest food on the planet…

    It is also cheap, and low-cal.

  2. I dont’ know why you would want to make your own. If you are going to do that, why not just eat the products that you are making into a supplement, instead of the extra step?

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