How can i get stronger and gain muscle mass?

Theres this friend of mine and he has a real bad temper. hes really strong and he causes a shit load of trouble sometimes. I need to get stronger and bigger so i can stop him.

So how can i get stronger? and gain muscle mass?

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  1. you dont need any kind of protein shakes steroids bcaas glutamine creatine no boosters just eat everything doesn’t matter what it is eat it go to chineise restraunts with buffets

    "people are stupid"

  2. After every work-out try to eat proteins like egg white, milk, or other source..

  3. momoi_remigio says:

    go to the gym, get a muscle building program.. take muscle building supplements and be responsible enough to attend it religiously, and get a self defense training.. it will take 4-5 months to get results…

    if u want a faster way, buy a magnum 357…. 🙂

    hope this helps!

  4. protein!
    and workout. and diet.
    if you weigh 130lbs then you need to eat 130 grams of protein a day.
    youll get ripped.

  5. straighthealth18 says:

    To gain weight you have to eat more calories than you burn. Start off by estimating how many calories you burn each day using the daily calorie needs calculator To gain 1 pound per week, eat 500 clories more than you’re burning. To gain 2 pounds per week, double it and eat 1,000 calories more than you’re burning everyday. To gain muscle, in addition to eating more you also have to stimulate them with enough through resistance training that when they recover, they’ll get bigger and stronger. To get an efficient workout you might want to join a gym if you aren’t already a member.

    Guide to Gaining Weight & Muscle –

  6. trust me wat im gonna tell you will work but there are some side effects tho not to harm you tho, eat plenty cheese, drink a lot of milk if your not lactose intolarent and eat a lot of meat, in doing so you have to dedicate yourself for a lot of exercise cause those foods will give you the fat and those fat will be transformed into muscles and there comes strength,but remember if u get big muscles and stop working out , those muscles dont just go away or stay ,they turn into "fat" thats the side effect.

  7. There are two paths that I can offer you, depending on what type of muscle mass you are trying to build. It also depends on what type of body you have. Go with number one if you are on the bigger side and need to gain muscle while losing fat. Go with number two if you are on the smaller side and want to gain weight and muscle.

    1) If you are trying to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass, you can listen to the answers before mine and eat lots of protein. Protein builds lean muscle (I’m not going to get into science – let’s keep it simple), which will slim you down while helping you tone your body. It would be best to eat lots of vegetables, lean chicken and pork, eggs, fish and yogurt. Exercise with lots of cardio and light free weights.

    2) If you are trying to gain a substantial amount of muscle mass or "bulk up", you have to eat lots of carbohydrates mixed with some protein and fiber. Don’t listen to the "Atkins" diet. It’s not going to make you fat. There are good carbohydrates and bad ones. You have to know what’s going in your body. Eat a balanced diet of protein, including lean red meat, plus whole grain bread, potatoes, potato bread, oranges, rice (both white and brown), apples, beans and anything fiber-enriched. In this route, carbohydrates are your friends, but you have to be moderate and smart about it. Depending on your body type, you have to burn off the calories while building up muscle. Carbohydrates can be very fattening if you do not burn it off. In order to do this, start an exercise routine from moderate to heavy in a short amount of time.
    For example, start by doing an hour of cardio and then lift heavy weights for 2 hours. The difference is that to gain heavy muscle mass, you have to strain your muscles to rebuild them.

    Think of it this way:
    Those times when you work out a lot or strain your body, you go to bed and you wake up with your entire body aching and sore. What basically happens is your muscles have been stretched or torn, and are rebuilding with even more muscle cells. That’s the aching. Once your muscles start recuperating (after about 2 days), they are much stronger. This is the basic idea. You have to keep rebuilding until there is enough muscle mass for you to be comfortable with. Remember, in order to keep your muscles, you must always use your muscles. Eat as much as you can and work out as much as you can. It gets easier as time goes by.

    Be safe while doing this. Don’t overwork yourself and make sure to always drink lots of water. (Gatorade helps with added carbohydrates and sodium). With enough determination, you will achieve the body you desire.

  8. protein is best

  9. lots of protein best from tuna eat red meat, peanut butter, oatmeal and work out 5 times a week using high wight and low reps if you rep 200 ,10 times use 225 and rep 5 times and add 5 pounds every week or two week and work out your legs once a week

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