What percentage of a vitamin-mineral supplement gets absorbed by the body?

I realize food is the best source of vitamins and minerals; I often hear that vitamin and minerals from supplements are generally poorly absorbed. What percentage are absorbed by the body through supplement pills, usually? Is there a way to maximize absorption?

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  1. Ok,…let’s be sure we define our terms because sometimes the "marketing" efforts of companies can confuse us. You will see terms like "dissolves within…" "absorbability"…but you likely won’t see the medical/proper term "bioavailability". According to medical research and CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses available for doctors and healthcare providers (at proevity.com) less than 10% of salt-based or common chelated minerals have bioavailability – which means the body is able to actually uptake it. You can buy this course on line for about $85 or get a summary video for Free at the source below. On the vitamin side, it depends on whether the vitamin supplement is plant-based or (as commonly purchased at retailers) synthetic. I didn’t know about or really care to much about this until,…

    My son got ill and the doctors offered "no hope" my wife and I went looking. We found some un-advertised tips and videos that helped our whole family. We didn’t know that synthetic vitamins are the most popular type and that according to medical research you can find at proevity.com these common vitamins lack bioavailability – they can’t be readily absorbed by the body.

    Here’s the "common sense" lowdown that I was completely unaware of – I used to buy Centrum vitamins at Walmart, but no more (my wife and I discovered this during our son’s health ordeal by attending NEW, Continuing Medical Education classes for doctors, nurses, etc.) Your body was designed to get it’s vitamins and minerals from natural, plant-based sources. A synthetic vitamin is not "recognized" by the body because it isn’t natural – MANY say on the label "take with food" or "don’t take on an empty stomach" (CHECK YOURS) proving that the body may have a "hard time" with this NON-Food.

    Plant-based vitamins are created to give us vitamins (that are documented missing from MANY foods today) and give them to us in the natural way we were designed to uptake them – in plant-based/food form. So, I would suggest a quality, plant-based multivitamin/mineral complex, but it is very hard to find a plant based mineral complex. What we found for our son is noted below.

    My Sincere Best Wishes To You!

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