Quick Weight Loss Program

www.YourSixPackQuest.com Here is part 1 of 2 that will demonstrate a quick weight loss program for quick weight loss. For more weight loss programs, check out www.YourSixPackQuest.com

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  1. TomWeiss0 says:

    This guy is showing people that are already thin how to tone their muscles. Not how to lose weight. If you could do chin ups like this guy, your not too over wieght.

  2. hotandfitbabe says:

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  3. hotandfitbabe says:

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  4. vergessenheit says:

    vince is absolutely right about the lactate

  5. NaruIchiLuffy says:

    he has many routines for fat loss not all of em require pull ups and i say this cuz im a lost idk which routine should i do

  6. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  7. fireflourisher808 says:

    do pull up alternatives like lat pulldowns, plus you can lose a lot of weight and then do pull ups.

  8. is this the “big” trick? lol

  9. jedwhelchel says:

    if you really want to lose weight fast go to: combatingfat.blogspot,com

  10. youssefdoukkala says:

    this routine is very hard for fat heavy poeples especially chin up lol

  11. hey vince i’m 253 pounds and i can’t do any chin ups or pull ups. so how…emm….help me!!!

  12. mattclipp says:

    I looked at his video 3 weeks ago, couldnt do 1 pull up.
    Now im doing 6-9 of em, and im not realli a small guy.

  13. bradmizener says:

    I agree with the philosophy, but go through full range of motion on your pullups and shoulder press. Technique is poor, but again your philosophy is 100% bang on.

  14. taylor23360 says:

    im not the best at chin ups so is there any other form of exercise that would be just as beneficial?

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