What is the easiest way to gain muscle mass?

I’m an 18 year old guy trying to gain muscle mass but my matabolism is playing hardball…i was thinking of trying creatine/whey protein…any ideas?

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  1. blaise_collins says:

    To gain muscle mass, you dont necessarily HAVE to use creatine, it all depends on your goal. If you are wanting straight-up size and power, yes, it is almost a necessity. The only athletes that gain any benefits from creatine are the quick twitch athletes (ie. powerlifting, sprinting). So if you are wanting to get big, go with high sets, low reps, high intensity. Generally, you want 2-3 warmup sets, a bridge set, and 2-3 work sets. I will use squats as an example (using my weights). My max is about 560.
    Warmup 1–135×15
    Warmup 2–225×15
    Work Set 1–405×8
    Work Set 2–475×4-6
    Work Set 3–505×1-2
    You want to hit fatigue on every set, and make sure to get rest
    So the points, go high weight, low reps. Use creatine once you get your muscles adjusted to higher weight to be able to pump out 1 or 2 extra sets, work 1 muscle group a day (Chest day, Back day, Arms/Abs day, Leg day) and just stay focused.
    I keep a journal to make sure I constantly progress, works wonders.

  2. Yes, protein intake is an excellent idea. but try to take in different variety of protein rich foods (milk, fish, soy..etc)

    Also weight-lifting will certainly help you increase your muscle mass.

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