When and at what frequency should I take Protein supplements?

I work out 2-3 days a week. I have got Whey protein, Carbs supplement and Whey protein, Carbs + L-Glutamine supplement and also got ZMA tablets. I take them before workout, after workout respectively. I don't know when I should take ZMA. Since I don't work out daily, should I take these supplements even during the off days? or should I take them just during the day I plan to go to the Gym? What frequency should I maintain?

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  1. Wonderwall says:

    The ZMA should be taken about 30 min before you go to bed. You should also avoid consuming any foods/supplements that contain calcium an hour before taking the ZMA as it inhibits zinc absorbtion.

    On days off I'd keep the whey protein only. On training days I'd keep the higher carb supplements when you'll be more apt to burn them and are necessary for recovery and insulin release.

  2. barthebear says:

    Eat a balanced healthy diet. The proteins will overload your kidneys. I mean go ahead and use what you bought but then stop.

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