What is the diffrence between muscle mass and muscle strength?

dose big muscles mean strong guy my docter said i lost muscle mass but i told him doc i can still llift the same amount of heavy weights and more is being bigger mean stronger

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  1. lv_consultant says:

    muscle mass comes from not only using resistance training to stimulate your muscles but from eating the right combination of foods creating a caloric excess so that your body will grow.

    muscular strength is also gained from resistance training but there can be various techniques involved that focus more on the speed of repetitions vs. using a longer time under tension which used to stimulate hypertrophy in muscle cells.

    if you want to get big and strong. not only do you have to continually increase the load using during training sessions but as your grow larger your body will also need more calories.

    if you want to just become strong you can focus more on power lifting techniques and limit your caloric intake. it is physiologically impossible to continue to gain muscle mass if the caloric intake remains constant…

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