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  1. I take Hot Hoodia Plus, it’s really great and no side effects. it made me lose weight and the energy is great.

  2. yeh but if u live in nevada like i do where its hot everyday then that aint an option

  3. that was sooooooooooooo gud! i am gunna read the labels when u go to the supermarkets now

  4. I agree we should read the labels I just started doing this. I am eating healthier Oh, & the diet soda, I have to say I don’t know what they put in them, but I tried it to cut calories & break myself off of the soda. During that week I gained 2 pounds & started disliking healthy foods, & craved sugar & fats So instead I went to a zero soda one a day, & did an overdose of water to break the caffeine headache. It worked! I crave water now If you drink diet soda you will gain, weight &/or cravings

  5. Just because the brocolli doesn’t have a label doesn’t mean it isn’t full of preservatives and growth enhancers, bug repellent for when they’re growing, fertiliser etc. A lot better for you than all those other brands but still not completely pure. Only your own home grown organic food can gaurantee that.

  6. She’s only trying to help – why be so mean?? Your name is Chip…is that because of the one on yr shoulder?

  7. RIIIIIGHT??? rigght. oh my god oh my god
    she so overexited. and her eyes.
    plus those sounds she makes like pfoof!

  8. No she is saying to look careful to what you buy. Fish and eat doesn’t come with a bunch of chemicals…

  9. Tip: for salad… try vinegar and olive oil. It’s really good for a substitute dressing when mixed in a salad XD

  10. You are absolutely correct. This is why Princess PoodlePoo eats a diet almost exclusively of RAW ORGANIC LIVING PLANT FOODS. By the way, you are gorgeous and articulate and should consider professional reporting as a career. XO

  11. get the jack lalane power juicer i did and i feel great now…when losing weight all u have to do is think “hmm, would my grandma have ate this while she was growing up?”

  12. I didn’t realise that Diet fizzy drinks make you fat…………..I think i will be sticking to water and green tea!! 🙂

  13. actually there is a lot of truth in what she is saying. generations ago we just ate fresh, natural foods, not a bunch of processed, chemical-filled foods. Remember when people used to GROW their own food, make their own bread and even *gasp* slaughter their own animals to feed their families?

    sure one needs to watch portion sizes and calorie intake, but eating more “clean” is WAY better then eating processed sh*t.

  14. Preservatives cause obesity? Where’s your evidence……..Bitch?

    Did God create the universe in 6 days also?

    Your right……Just don’t buy the frozen fish sticks……or what ever.
    But you know what? People buy this shit because they’re lazy, and that’s why people are fat.
    But we still don’t know why you’re stupid.

  15. yes and “fat” people should really listen to an Ana. Stfu you twat, not every fat person “eats like pigs” and go to mcdonalds 24/7. have some effing sympathy. Not everyone eats whatever they want and reguritates it back up!

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