Explosive Med Ball Workout!

www.undergroundwellness.com Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness and Fit Athletic San Diego gets a med ball workout from Jeff King of Fitness Quest 10. Personal Training with Sean available at Fit Athletic San Diego fitathletic.com Contact [email protected]llness.com for more info.

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  1. you sound like turkeys.

  2. the end is so funny! aheehehee hee!

    then you chuckle after the dot, commm…

  3. at my gym the medican balls are considerbly smaller where could you get a mecican ball like that ?

  4. TaeGaruma34 says:

    nice video. the med balls at my gym aren’t like that though, they’re harder on the outside so it’s ‘not allowed’ to drop them on the floor due to noise.

  5. fangmama63 says:

    more core it teaches you body to “move”

  6. JLeeMagnetic says:

    sean what are the benefits of med ball over regualar work out?

  7. toothru67 says:

    Ummm…..no! You look like it was a challenge for you! So how on earth do you think your average woman can do that?

  8. UndergroundWellness says:

    What swear word?

  9. ty99999returns says:

    Could have left the swear word out but thats alright.

  10. peachymissony says:

    Nice Yoda quote on the wall. =)
    You did a good job sean.

  11. PersonalTrainerUK says:

    Great video!!! Well worth a twitter!


  12. nastyblock says:

    man im 600lbs i wish i could do that!!!

  13. UndergroundWellness says:


  14. WellnessMafia says:

    Guess who just passed the 6000 subscriber mark!!!! Well done sean.

  15. suchandradasi says:

    This mimics real life work like in a mine or farm or something

  16. chursthouse says:

    thanks sean, thats a good combo on core… i liked how you farted

  17. id probably think they’d let a convicted psycho in to my gym if i saw somoeone slamming a med ball down like that, and be ready to tackle the mofo when he flips out

  18. UndergroundWellness says:

    We used 10, 15 and 20 pound med balls.

  19. lol thats what I want to know they are big

  20. what weight is that medicine ball?

  21. UndergroundWellness says:

    i said “what!”. You guys are hearing things!

  22. doogie8480 says:

    Thought the video was fun and something different. But to all that want run and buy medicine balls or go to the gym and throw them around, pleas settle down. Eat right and stick to the basics. Peace

  23. tonyframptonpt says:

    did too!

  24. tonyframptonpt says:

    awesome vid, as always sean, thanks man.

    loving the outtakes!

  25. boghosian says:

    gonna try some tomorrow at the gym

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