What supplements to take when on vacation?

I lift 5X a week. I am going to Florida for a week for Spring Break. I am going to bring my protein with me. I was wondering what other supplements are beneficial on "off" weeks to keep the muscle preserved and charged?

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  1. Glutamine (I specifically take glutamine peptide). Glutamine can be argued to be one of the most important amino acids you can supplement. Glutamine plays an important role in maintaining optimal performance, protein metabolism and reduction of muscle deterioration.
    Not only can glutamine assist in salvaging you muscles after a long night of vacation and drinking BUT is given to trauma patients in the ER to speed up their recovery.
    This would be my suggestion. You should be taking glutamine anyway pre and post workout. I prefer the peptide form since it aids in absorption… L-glutamine which most individuals use should be taken on an empty stomach (sorry but my stomach is never empty).

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