Can I take a month off from the gym and not lose muscle mass while continuing cardio and diet?

I'm pretty much an above average fitness person (male). I've been working out for years (5 to 7 days week without a break) and have very good muscle mass and muscle tone. I look somewhat like a body builder

My joints and neck are beginning to hurt and I want to take a month off from the gym and just do cardio and continue my diet (high protein…6 meals a day), but I'm afraid that I may lose my muscle mass and tone.

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  1. Month off from resistance training is a bit too long without loosing muscle mass. What's happening is you're over training. Working out 5 to 7days days per week for years is a bit to extreme and your body would really takes it toll.

    Your muscle would atrophy a little for not having resistance training for a month and you would feel a little weaker once you resume it again. Why don't you just cut the weight bearing exercises to let say 2 or 3 just to give your joints and muscles time to recuperate. You can still continue your cardio though.

  2. tomhale138 says:

    look at what happened to arnold. you wont lose much in a month, your muscles might not look as pumped up as they were, but when you start in again they will be even more so for a bit. Besides, most chicks dont really dig the musclebound look.

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