What is the optimal way to gain strength and muscle mass at age 16?

i’ve been lifting for the last two years but, now since i started track and i am throwing shotput i’ve been hitting the gym ALOT harder. in the last 2 months i have felt a large difference but i wanna know what kind of protein supplements and training programs would best benefit me to get more muscle mass but at the same time keep athletic muscle not bulk.

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  1. A lean muscle builder would be your best bet. However a supplement will not make you stronger but only increase your size, i personally gained 40 lbs in a matter of months about a year ago as a 17 year old. Just lift and eat right and you’ll receive the gains you’re looking for

  2. K. HOLIDAY says:

    I know a few things that can help you gain some muscle without taking steroidz lol.

    There’s a product freindly to children to adults.
    It’s called (Vega,) I’ve searched it on the internet and I see lots of things with athletes and bodybuilders using it.
    I use it in my smoothies and I gain a lot of muscle and energy from it

    For more info about (Vega) go to Sequalnaturals.com or search Vega on google.

    One other thing I use is (Acai), I use both of these after I work out. For info on (Acai) go to Sambazon.com or Sambazon.com/shop2

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