What is the worst nutritional advice, dietary supplement, herbal supplement?

I have to do a media critique on any one of the types of topics given above. An example would be Atkins Diets or the Subway diet. I want to do one that has a commercial and that comically evil or untrustworthy.

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  1. oldtimekid2 says:

    Oh, there are so many good answers to this… of course, most of them revolve around improper dosages.

    Personally, I think the worst nutritional advice is any “elimination diet” that says to completely remove an entire food group to lose weight. That includes Atkins, Blood-type diets, etc. Completely eliminating an entire category of nutrients just starves your body of those nutrients.

    Along the same lines, I don’t like fat blockers and carb blockers as dietary supplements (even though we sell them, I try to steer customers away from them).

    I don’t see the “subway diet” as bad because it encourages healthy eating and exercise, but I think it’s a bit bad of the company to say that you should eat all of your meals there to lose weight… it just takes healthier eating and it doesn’t require a $5-8 sandwich/meal to do it.
    I hope I helped!

  2. ckngbbbls says:

    I personally think the worst nutritional advice is to drink stuff like Gatorade and all those other Powerade crap. Electrolytes my eye. Sugar and more sugar. you can get the same from eating a banana and drinking a glass of OJ with way less sugar. The other that cracks me up is the “new” probotics yogurt. Look up some of the stuff. Good old fashioned yogurt without the sugar and fake fruit is delicious, nnutritiousand needs nothing added.

  3. alt.healer says:

    This is an obviously biased question from your biased media “teacher/trainer”. the Atkins diet was proven to cause weight loss and the media that said that the loads of fat in it would cause heart problems were eventually proven wrong and Atkins was right. Why is the question only about dietary supplements? We get awful and dangerous and self serving advice every day in the media from the slanted FDA, AMA and Big Pharma. Their “advice” has led to millions of hospitalizaions and or deaths from reactions that were hidden from the public that showed up in clinical trials.

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