Weight Loss Interval Workout

Try this Bosu Squat Thrust for a fat burning weight loss interval workout. diet.com This video features Sarah Dussault our producer and host, plus fitness expert Stephen Cabral! Check Out Diet.com Video! Diet.com: www.diet.com Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- www.diet.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.new.facebook.com iTunes: tinyurl.com Sarah’s YouTube Channel – YouTube.com Sarah’s Blog – www.examiner.com

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  1. hannahgreat888 says:


  2. KeeperLRG says:

    Good Job!!! On informing people in ways on how to stay healthy/fit. Diet Health ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. deelishussdee says:

    wow, that looks intense but im excited to try to beginner version!

  4. khalidmiliard says:

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  5. that looks slightly difficult O.o

  6. skinnycrows says:

    Sarah you look fantastic!!

  7. eccuulaisaa says:

    You have to lift the “ballthing” correcly, not with you back. That can hurt you back.

  8. iwillbeaperfectme says:

    Great video. Thanks!

  9. missalc13 says:

    yeah and weights are a lot less expensive. and they wobble as well.

  10. that easy version, did NOT look easy…

  11. tyana1980 says:

    Ha ha!

  12. mixtapebang says:

    Great, let me just go spend a hundred dollars to buy one of those things.

  13. Looking great Sarah!

  14. SarahsFabChannel says:

    Yes, it’s part of soundtrack.

  15. SarahsFabChannel says:

    try using weights!

  16. SarahsFabChannel says:

    You may not have your hands placed correctly. Try placing them a little wider than your shoulder but along the same plane as them. My right wrist bothers me as well, so I do as many as I can, and then stop once it bothers me too much.

  17. SarahsFabChannel says:

    Yes, that’s a great alternative!

  18. SarahsFabChannel says:

    Thanks! I do push myself but it’s nothing you can’t do in 45 minutes a day!

  19. cucumberzr4chumpz says:

    lol i love the porno music in the background

  20. querida1314 says:

    wow challenging workout

  21. Innergoth333 says:

    Try doing the pushups on you knees


    Try wall pushups.

  22. k14ce2002 says:

    You never cease to impress Sarah! Keep up the great work!

  23. hanoonamatata says:

    i want him as a personal trainer his a cutie

  24. ParkLeeNa says:

    Sarah is STRONG.

  25. ParkLeeNa says:

    If I may, try and do them with bumbells. Dumbells on the floor, your hand grabbing the dumbells, and do your pushup

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