What’s a fast way to grow some muscle mass?

What sports should I do to make some muscle? What should I eat to get buff, but without the fat. I want to go to construction, but I get told it’ll be too much for me. The point is that I want heavy workout, hence, what’s a fast way to grow some muscle mass?

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  1. Go to your local gym and get familiar with the equipment, if you just want to build muscle in general do the basics, Bench press, dead lift, squats, and bicep curls, and don’t forget, you need to do cardio. If your going to be in the gym go a 15 minute warm up and cool down.

    If you want muscle you need protein, that comes with all meats, but if you don’t want the fat but some Whey protein powder. you just make it into a shake and drink it.

  2. Try some rapid weight gainers or protein smoothies from Smoothie King or you can make them at home. Eat alotta fatty foods but healthy. As far as work out do alotta of lifting and pressing.

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