A Big Reason Why You’re Not Losing Fat On Your Weight Loss Diet

Discover How To Burn Belly Fat right now at www.TheAbsExpert.com A Big Reason Why You’re Not Losing Fat On Your Weight Loss Diet If you think you’re eating “healthy” 80-90% of the time, you may be mistaken. This video will show you whether some of your “healthy” food should fall under the “unhealthy” category Discover How To Burn Belly Fat right now at http Makesure to visit the following great resources to help you get six pack abs. For a complete step by step coaching program including …

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  1. bestnaturaldiet says:

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  2. arbaughhr says:

    Wonderful information for people who want information on eating healthy. A lot of the time we don’t always take the time to investigate what’s on the other side of those packages and find out whats really in our food. So many things that may appear healthy and good for us are really bad foods disguised in a pretty package.

  3. Don’t forget the meats and all other things as well my friend.

  4. jimmytube717 says:

    You are Absolutely right, the foods in the middle should belong in the right hand side. They all contain sugar and high processed carbohydrates. Eliminate all forms of sugar and you will lose weight, this includes hidden sugars in fruits and milk. A banana contains about 10 grams of sugar. Your goal would be to consume 15 grams of sugar in 1 day and 120 grams of carbohydrates, high fibre as well.

  5. shangbang94 says:

    just becuz i sit like 5 hours in front of the computer ? i would guess thats the logic reason for why im lazy, but not ignorent…

  6. FinalBossDesu says:

    Well if you don’t realize how then you can add “stupid” to the list as well. Lazy, ignorant, and stupid. Not a good combination.

  7. shangbang94 says:

    ignorant ? how ?

  8. grnodi1206 says:

    I think celery and peanut butter is a great snack. I bought Smart Balance peanut butter with Omega 3 and it tastes great wit it.. I keep a jar at work too, instead of going to the vending machine.

  9. grnodi1206 says:

    I completely agree. Many people are mislead by words on the box or package. The less ingredients, the better.

  10. xFatalFable says:


  11. cristofolon says:

    one thing I think you should’ve added is at the beggining the example you were using with the person not losing weight. One thing that could be happening is what happened to me at the begging when I was working out. I was losing fat and gaining muscle (noob gains) and actually gained weight instead of losing it. Of course after a while you won’t be able to do both at the same time. But very good video!! well explained 😀

  12. FinalBossDesu says:

    You’re ignorant and lazy.

    Fix that first.

  13. timebombburger says:

    what would be considered a light walk? i walk about 2 miles aday–is that light or moderate?

  14. h0tdietsforgirls says:

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  15. ScottColby says:

    That’s a good snack, but even better would be almond butter or cashew butter. These are a healthier nut. Don’t overdo it as they are high in calories but these nut butters are healthy for you.

    Great question!

  16. How a bout snacking like celery and peanut butter. Tastes great. But how healthy is the peanut butter for you?

  17. Great video! Thanks so much! How do you feel about intermittent fasting? I have been following eat stop eat and I love it, which is fasting 1 to 2 times per week. I have also been eating healthy real food nothing out of a box and have been losing weight, and weight training every other day.

  18. xfoxgirl25x says:

    great video=].
    i agree on how ppl look at boxes and believe the words instead of looking at the ingredients. for example cause its low fat makes it healthy when it isnt, just becuase it has 0 percent fat most of foods are loaded with sodium.

  19. shangbang94 says:

    im eating oatmeal with banana every morning, almost only healthy food to dinner like 1 day in a week i might have a pizza, bread with tuna as nightfood, and im training 3-4 times a week, i have been doing this for 1 year now, and why am i not losing abs fat? im sitting about 5 hours in the front of the computer everyday, but what teen dosent right? so, what am i doing wrong?

  20. thesmileyfitchick says:

    Nicely done Scott!
    ps ppl…potato is not good for fat loss.
    If you want to eat potato save it for after a workout – & a light walk doesn’t count. OR count it as part of your 10% treat time

  21. newforce3 says:

    sounds like whats going on with me! I hit it hard and consistant every single day and my eating plan was right on point, I got results the first month and then started to notice belly fat increasing. I am geared up now with a lot of information I didn’t have before. Mainly from my college Nutrition course and the “You-On a Diet” book. This video is also helpful, thanks for posting.

  22. MopDMTBARTL says:

    great vid!

    for more knowledge, go here:
    truthknowledge. com

  23. geemenasian says:

    Love the song in the background Scott!!! Bone, Bone, Bone… !!! 1996 Baby!! Oh, love the food choices and all too. Kansas City baby!!

  24. pisarcikk says:

    If you soak them they won’t take as long to prepare. So if you are having them for breakfast, allow them to soak overnight and they should take less than half the time they normally would. Just get them cooking and do something else in the meantime.

  25. I read somewhere to switch from one minute instant oats because they’re processed, to real whole grain steel cut oats that take 45 mins to cook. But although I have them- when do I have 45 mins to prepare them?

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