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  1. dontbehuh says:

    wow that made sense…

  2. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  3. OmniValor says:

    “stop eating to make your problems go away FATTY!” lolololololololololol

  4. yogameditation says:

    Thank you janice!

  5. yogameditation says:

    lara… you’re growing on me too!! =P

  6. vrochester says:

    lawl.. “simply hit the orange subscribe button up there.” i will.

  7. Wow! I love you. ; )

  8. MafiaBoy206 says:

    Example: If you are mentally stressed, your body will store up fat. Wan is saying, any of your emotions that are lacking in some way, your body is sort of out of balance, then some resort to over-eating further gaining more weight. There can be 2 people who eat the same amount, and one is fat and one is thin. What’s the difference? Their lives, their chakra’s, what is fulfilled, what isnt, lifestyle. Tried my best to explain. hope it helps.

  9. MafiaBoy206 says:

    i know! i thought that was an interesting start to a video! lol

  10. corinaselan says:

    thank you!

  11. gitdoequikfast says:

    lmao i thought you were gunna jump out at those girls

  12. kurtovunc says:

    this is a great theory but how do you associate overeating with being overweight?
    why does the body chooses to store that food as a fat? there are lots of overeating people underweight. I would like to know your opinion.

  13. janicej008 says:

    This is so good. you have such insite into this problem. I would love to apply this properly. Would like to find out more to change the behaviors.

  14. This was very inspirational and uplifting, I may incorporate some of this into my fitness competion

    Thanks for this

  15. keep the good work up blessings

  16. brucelee715 says:

    thank you Wan, *BOWS*
    i will share this with my friend because well he’s a little overweight and i want to help him

  17. Aww, darn lookie there i got a “-1” thing on my comment.i know i probably sound like a typical teenager, but in all honesty i like to pursue what allows my body/mind/spirit achieve as much as possible.

  18. yogameditation says:

    Gaige, I teach levitation and time travel and more at plurbis. you’ve gotta be invited for member ship… Join the meditation forum and get to know the gurus there. They MAY invite you

  19. yogameditation says:

    Please Add to FAVORITES so that others will hear this and get healthy, Thank you for fighting with me! – Wan

  20. guitarhero419 says:

    Idk i think i eat alot cause i like the taste of food and i love cooking. I’m a little over weight but i’m happy regaurdless.

  21. ive watched a few of your videos and fell in love with them all. ive been able to learn some techniques youve shown on the first try, and even teach them to others, and they could do them instantly too. many many thanks

  22. yogameditation says:

    azn, yes. I’ve taught quite a bit of qigong in the older videos. See the FAVORITES section of my main page youtube / yogameditation

  23. yogameditation says:

    rockrz, thank you! I love seeing the lessons that have helped me help others. I appreciate the push!

  24. AZNROCKER says:

    do you practice any qigong stuff?

  25. myuniverse2007 says:

    thanks for the great video.

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