In Ground Basketball Goals – Fat Burning Exercise in your Driveway

 When most people think of working out, they imagine that the best way to do it is by going to heading off to the gym every day after work.   But this is really the wrong way to think about fitness.  It is much better if you instead think of fitness as something that you integrate into your everyday life.  One of the smartest ways that you can do this is by purchasing an in ground basketball goal. 

Here are the ways that a quick round of basketball helps your exercise plans 

Gets in Your Cardio

Cardio exercise is probably the fastest and easiest way to burn fat, and this is where having an in ground basketball goal can really benefit your fitness plan. Basketball is a get up and go sport.  You are constantly up and on your feet, either moving toward the goal with the basketball or defending someone that is.  This constant motion translates into a ton of calories burned on the court. 

Works your Arms and Chest

  Those quick, explosive moves that are demanded of you when you play basketball do wonders for your arms and chest.  Doing a three point shot requires for you to exert a lot of force on your shoulders, which is why NBA players usually have deltoids the size of softballs.   When you quickly pass to another player in front of you, you are using you pectoral muscles to do that explosive motion.  In fact, don’t be surprised if you arms feel a little sore the day after you play basketball for the first time in a long time. 

Works your Legs –  The most powerful weapon that a basketball player can have is their vertical leap. When you start playing basketball on your in ground basketball goal, you will quickly find yourself jumping to shoot over the head of a defender and jumping to block other players from making jump shots.  These kinds of moves can have a fantatic amount of benefit for your quadriceps and calves.  Plus, the very quick plyometric style moves that are required for a game of basketball have even more benefit than your typical weight training exercises. 

Increases Agility – Basketball is a game of quick thinking and fast moves. When you spend a little bit of time being quick on your feet with your home in ground basketball goal, you will notice you reaction time and hand eye coordination is much improved while doing other things throughout the day, like driving. 

For all the exercise benefits that in ground basketball goals provide, it’s important to know which one is the best for you before you buy.  The more you understand about permanent basketball hoops, the more money you’ll save. has all of the vital information that you need to learn about permanent basketball hoops, portable basketball hoops, and how to get the best deals on them.

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