Bank Robbery

Long Island DJ makes every type of soiree more engaging. They play most up-to-date type of popular music for making these parties more attractive. They get appropriate sense of popular music. They realize how to remix the popular music as well as play them correctly. They get the leading type of sound mixing gadget. These… Continue reading Bank Robbery

Personal Training Mosman: Helping Teens Lose Weight With a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are a great resource for teenagers who want to lose weight and increase their fitness levels. Once upon a time, it was unheard of for an adult of average income to hire a personal trainer. Trainers were thought of as an expensive luxury for celebrities and the fitness-obsessed ultra-rich. Today, it is common for people interested in health, fitness and/or weight loss to work with a personal trainer to improve their results. Like all other age groups in the U.S., obesity in teenagers is on the rise. High school physical education requirements have been minimized in recent years, while school lunches are all too often high in calories and low in nutrition.

Yoga for Beginners Weight Loss

Beginning Yoga can be a useful tool for weight loss.. Having a consistent yoga practice can help us focus on our internal state of mind. Yoga allows us to draw our attention to the body’s imbalances that cause us to gain weight . Yoga breathing and yoga exercises can reduce anxious eating, and give us… Continue reading Yoga for Beginners Weight Loss

The Eat-Clean Diet

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Can I accept myself fat

myself big and that was that…until I tested borderline diabetic. AND, discovered high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was experiencing fatigue and difficulty breathing. Was this really okay with me? It was only going to get worse as time went on. To each his own, but for me, that’s not acceptable anymore… Link to Today… Continue reading Can I accept myself fat

Weight Loss Exercises – Fasting for Weight loss. Weight loss Exercises – Brad Pilon explains the surprising effect that exercise has on weight loss. I don’t beleive in Starvation Mode (If you’ve read my book you know why). However, I do believe in diminishing returns when it comes to weight loss exercises like running or walking. The… Continue reading Weight Loss Exercises