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  1. greenberet88x says:

    I can see you are very skeptic, and very irrational, i´m sorry, i cannot talk to people with both caracteristics………if you don´t believe it, its your problem, i know what i lost and why, i dont care if you want to take it as an advantage or as a lie, your problem, not mine, peace….

  2. ExquisiteDoom says:

    Uh, why are you trying to push ads on me? I’ve lost much more than that in that amount of time using common sense. So don’t push that bullshit on me, man. You lost weight cause you ate less or better or moved more, not because of the water itself. Don’t take me for a fool.

  3. greenberet88x says:

    Please, Why don´t you try it, I have been drinking bicarbonated soda with water and lost 2Kb (4pounds) in 3 days and I feel great, bye….

  4. ExquisiteDoom says:

    Wildy here only depends on his government earned knowledge from government books, and refuses to face logic, because a book told him logic doesn’t work. The cures for cancer aren’t even a secret today, but the mainstream fools will just not even bother looking into it, or do it very poorly, or like wildy here, will only beleive it if the gov studies it; which is like asking a near-death hungry Vampire to guard blood packs and expect it to keep it’s end of the deal.

  5. greenberet88x says:

    Ok, Medicine = Money, and the pharmaceutical companies don´t want you to know that people can cure themselves with a simple plant. Also Research MMS and Magnesium. I´m taking it, it works great.

    You will NEVER hear this on the news…. if there is no money involved, there is no business…. get it?….. Please Research… I don´t want to sell anything, I want to spread the word…..

  6. wildcrazygoats says:

    Hemp oil curing cancer?

    So – refer us to the clinical study.
    Is the inventor looking forward to their Nobel Prize?

  7. greenberet88x says:

    If I tell you that there is a cure for Cancer using Hemp Oil, can you believe it? maybe no, so do your research people. I have his book “ph miracle” and its awsome!

  8. ExquisiteDoom says:

    It still doesn’t proove it, retard.

  9. wildcrazygoats says:

    ExquisiteDoom Read what I wrote before , moron

  10. ExquisiteDoom says:

    Well then, you still can’t proove that his products don’t work. Even if it’s for the wrong reasons, it works , i know from first hand experience. So that really ain’t a scam now is it? And that doesn’t proove that you did conduct those tests. Saying you did won’t make me beleive you. For all i care you might just be a random hobo whom somehow wound up on a netcafe. And calling me an idiot, doesn’t make me an idiot , genius.

  11. wildcrazygoats says:

    “Besides you totally ignored my point, have you conducted those tests or not?”

    I already answered this stupid question – make sure you never have any surgery without first doing your own tests

    “it doesn’t take rocket science to know that greens are just awesome.”

    And it only take high school science to know that this nonsense about alkaline diet is total bullshit. I didnt say greens are bad you idiot

  12. ExquisiteDoom says:

    I’m not a biochemist and i don’t care, i am in great shape and i could not care less what you have to say here, and i did not even spend a dime for this diet either, it doesn’t take rocket science to know that greens are just awesome. Besides you totally ignored my point, have you conducted those tests or not? How can i trust you, how am i supposed to know you’re not full of shit yourself? Besides, you still couldn’t proove an alkaline diet is bad for your system, that would be banning greens.

  13. wildcrazygoats says:

    “We all know cells do not reproduce perfectly, but do you know why and from a solid source? ”

    Many reasons …..disease, mutations (e.g. from carcinogens such as ionising radiation) ….. if you were interested you could find this yourself in just a few minutes

    From your stupid questions it seems you are ust another MLM conman.
    How does it feel cheating the gullible of their hard earned money?Are you going to move on into peddling drugs or guns?It would be an amoral natural progression

  14. wildcrazygoats says:

    “As for the Kangen water, do you have proofs that ions and magnetism does not affect cellular reproduction?”

    Such a stupid question. These criminals peddling Kangen water makes claims that it cures cancer, slows down aging, causes weight loss etc etc….it is iup to them to prove these dishonest claims…it is not up to scientists to disprove this inane bullshit from every backyard MLM conman. tell us of one published clinical trial of Kangen water

    Magnetism has nothing to do with this

  15. wildcrazygoats says:

    “Yea, but then who told you the liver and kidneys do this?”

    It is very basic human biochemistry – why are you so disinterested in your body?

    “Have you personally conducted tests?”
    Stupid question

    “Most people in the health department are con artists themselves,”

    Oh really….you mean the con artists who rid the world of polio, smallpox etc??

  16. ExquisiteDoom says:

    Yea, but then who told you the liver and kidneys do this? Have you personally conducted tests? Most people in the health department are con artists themselves, especially those who work for government institutions. Today you can never know who’s making shit up for sure unless you tested for yourself. As for the Kangen water, do you have proofs that ions and magnetism does not affect cellular reproduction? We all know cells do not reproduce perfectly, but do you know why and from a solid source?

  17. wildcrazygoats says:

    …..why do you think these conmen are peddling crappy books or dodgy MLM machines (such a Kangen Water) – dont you think if any of this bullshit were true there may be at least one clinical trial to verify it? Try searching PubMed for any validation

  18. wildcrazygoats says:

    ExquisiteDoom Do my own research? I am a biochemist.
    The body is totally self regulating regarding pH – to suggest you can alkalise your body is utter nonsense.
    The pH (e.g. of blood) is controlled by the kidneys/liver, respiration & action of the skeleton – the medical term for acid blood is “seriously dead”. The stomach self regulates the pH of all foods that enters it – to as low as pH2 – there is nothing you can do to change this.

  19. ExquisiteDoom says:

    That’s what i’m trying to find out, if you have valid proofs or a solid source of information to back up that claim, then show us, if not, do your own research and find out for yourself rather than demonizing something that goes against your values.


    Hello . 1stone = 14pounds …

  21. SweetPearlyGems says:

    erm, what is stone? like in pounds. sorry

  22. Very good information!

  23. goldlmine007 says:

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  24. wildcrazygoats says:

    A load of utter bullshit – this man is a fraud

  25. DrAnnBlakeTracy says:

    He should have said become a Vegan Vegetarian. Only a very stupid vegetarian would eat cheese, dairy sugar, carbonated drinks and fish.

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