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  1. nikhil322 says:


  2. RainbowDug says:

    HAHAHA!!!! Rosesh is soo funny!!! his kuthey ka dialogue is really funny!!

  3. goldlmine007 says:

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  4. fafafafa145 says:


  5. amrutaisthere4u says:

    lol…….thanks for this so much……..and roshesh is so different when he acts in baa bahu aur baby……very dynamic……..

  6. this is the great job u have done…im crazy abt this serial…..thanx for uploading it

  7. daddylionn says:

    thanks for the post. this is awesome and you are awesome too…

  8. falloutfemale says:

    funny 😛

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    this is really great!, made me feel happy, and really thirsty 😛

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