How To Burn Fat Quickly?

It has long been proved that having the same amount of daily calorie intake, the rate of fat burning is not equal even for the same person. Many factors weigh with burning (or accumulation) of fat: level of physical activity, metabolism, blood sugar level, stress and many others. Try to maximize the rate of fat burning, having used some advices.

During a workout:

1. Do not take exercise on an empty stomach.

60-90 minutes before exercises eat protein and low carb meal. This will force you to take exercise longer and more intense, as well as help you burn more calories than during a normal training. Follow these time frames: if you eat something sooner or later – the desired effect will not arise. You can eat a sandwich on a thin slice of bread with boiled chicken or low-fat cheese or drink at least a glass of milk.

2. Breathe only through your nose.

Inhale and exhale only through the nose – it stabilizes the heart rhythm, saturates the blood with oxygen and increases the rate of fat burning. You should get used to it; at first it seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but usually after 2-3 workouts you start to do it automatically.

3. Activities during the PMS.

You can easily lose weight while doing exercises during the last phase of the menstrual cycle than at any other time. An elevated level of estrogen and progesterone accelerates metabolism: with their help the body burns fat stores in the body. As shown by recent researches, women burn 30% more calories during two weeks following ovulation till two days before menstruation.

4. Do strength exercises.

Strength training – is the surest way to burn fat. A kilogram of muscle mass burns in 9 times more calories than a kilogram of fat mass, even if you are just sitting doing nothing. Strength exercises also increase your metabolism at rest, that is, the metabolism remains elevated even after two hours after the workout. If you do not have time to go to the gym, simple exercises with dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg will also help to accelerate metabolism and build muscle mass instead of fat.

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