Easy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

The first thing that most teenagers who want to lose weight quickly think of is to cut down on their food intake. It may work to a certain extend for some, like those who are just slightly overweight. But many others have found out, it isn’t exactly the best solution as they are constantly feeling hungry and miserable. In fact, it may even be downright dangerous for those who reduce their food intake drastically. So, are there ways to do it quickly, safely and effectively? Of course, let’s look at some easy weight loss tips for teens.

Easy weight loss tips for teens 1 – adopt healthy eating habits

If you think that just by reducing the amount of food you eat, you will lose weight quickly. You are only partly right. Because, your body requires calories for the energy it needs to perform your daily task. This calorie comes from the food you eat, and if this calorie level is below the level your body requires, your metabolism slows down resulting in fatigue, illness and a weak immune system. What’s worse is that instead of burning fat, the body compensates by burning muscle. In the end, you do experience weight loss at the expense of muscle tissues not excess fat, which remains in your body.

So, instead of crash diet, eat small meals throughout the day. This should include the three main meals, plus 1 or 2 snacks in between. Remember, you want to maintain your muscle mass, and burn away the fat.

Easy weight loss tip for teens 2 – eat healthily

Next, you should look at the types of food you eat and how you can make them healthier. The first thing is of course to cut down on your fat and sugar intake by staying away from oily food like fast food, and sweet stuffs like soft drinks. Then eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meat, steamed or roasted food, and lots of water.

 Easy weight loss tips for teens 3 – pump up your lean muscles

Muscles burn calories throughout the day, whether at rest or when they are working. They burn much more calories than fat. That is why you must not allow your muscle mass to burn away by not exercising and eating less. Work on those muscles by doing resistance exercises like lifting weights. The more muscles you have, the less fat will be left.

Easy weight loss tips for teens 4 – aerobic exercise

Besides working on your muscles, you also need to work on your cardio-vascular endurance by doing aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise also increases metabolic rate and lean muscle mass. Hence, leading to an increase in your fat burning rate, even a long while after your exercise. If you have not exercise for a long time, start off by walking; slowly increase the pace to a brisk walk. And then maybe increase the pace even more to a slow jog if you feel up to it. Just remember not to overwork yourself.

As you can see, you do not have to suffer or go through sacrifices in your weight program. It just needs a simple change in your daily habits and lifestyle. It may entails a little discomfort in the initial stage, but when the end result is a life of happiness, health and vitality, then it is definitely worth the minor discomfort.

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