Lose Weight in a week

Are you feasting like a mad-man yet? Since the holiday season is in full-effect and right in our faces, you can bet on plenty of weight gain. This is the standard ritual of Americans. We consume loads of fatty meats, side dishes, snacks, and desserts. It’s like our stomachs become bottomless pits for a couple of weeks. Nothing can truly satisfy us except for continually eating more and more. What a way to bring in the New Year. Nothing says happy New Year like a fat gut and a new set of love handles. But, you’re not going to fall prey to this ritual, are you? No sir, you’re going to steer clear of the endless junk food. Now, if you could just lose wieght in a week before the numerous guests arrive to celebrate. It can be done.

When ever I hear people whine and complain about shedding pounds, I remember how MMA competitors train. These are mixed martial artists that compete in UFC and other fighting events. Sometimes they have to drop weight and meet a certain goal. Maybe they’re competing on the Ultimate Fighter reality series and were chosen to fight. Well, these guys know how to lose wieght in a week. Actually more like a day or two. I watched one guy drop 14 pounds in 2 days. That’s absurd, I know; but they still do it. We’re talking plenty of sauna, working out, water and hardly any food. It doesn’t sound too pleasant if you ask me, but obviously it can be done. You can lose wieght in a week if you truly want to. Now, let’s ponder this action on a healthy level. Clearly you don’t want to avoid eat at all. We all have to consume some food and water each day. What you should do is cut portions way down. Eat four small meals each day and plenty of water. Have your meals consist of fresh vegetables, fruit and lean sources of protein. If you’ve never tried whey protein shakes, now’s the time. This is a great source of protein which acts as a meal supplement. It has hardly any carbs or fat.

Working out is obviously imperative if you plan to lose wieght in a week. Cardio should be your priority. Indulge in high energy workouts on treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes. Burn those calories and eat small. You will lose wieght in a week.

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