Night Anxiety – Signs, Symptoms And Top Methods To Prevent Anxiety At Night

If you suffer from night anxiety, be aware – you are definitely not alone. 50% -70% of anxiety and panic disorder sufferers have reported having night anxiety attacks as well. You would think that anxiety and stress could at least give you a break at night – but no. Maybe you are worried about losing your job. You go to bed, but toss and turn for an hour. Finally you get out of bed at 2 A.M with full blown anxiety or panic attack.

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Physical symptoms are sometimes present in sufferers of anxiety. These can take two extremes depending on the person. For example, they may find that they are constipated or that they have diarrhea, either could be caused by anxiety. They may have various aches and pains all over their bodies. This may be from frequent tensing of the muscles across their body. Problems with digestion may also indicate anxiety. Changes in appetite or frequent nausea for example might be signs of anxiety. Headaches may become more frequent or longer-lasting.

Over the years I found just a few methods that gave me some relief from night anxiety, I wanted to share them with you:The Best Methods to Fight Night Anxiety:Avoiding prescription drugs – I have tried that out – and it gave me a little relief – but the goal is to get through night anxiety without creating another problem – chemical dependency. Besides, these drugs will never cure the condition, only temporarily relieve symptoms.Avoiding Caffeine, nicotine or wine in the evening- these only made the problem worse. I actually tried living with or without them and witnessed the difference. These can actually make your attacks worse and caffeine can actually give you insomnia, thus you can’t sleep at all.

Panic attacks have their own set of symptoms. While panic attack can cause the symptoms previously mentioned, the symptoms of panic are usually more intense and pronounced. For example the victim may sweat profusely. They may suffer from a chest pain. Another common symptom of a panic attack is a fear of dying. This leads may people suffering from a panic attack to go to the hospital, convinced that they are suffering from a heart attack or something equally serious.

Don’t go back to bed too soon. I only went back to bed when I felt I could fall asleep right away. I watched, on purpose, a boring TV show or read a boring book.Before going to sleep, try to watch something funny on TV. Never an action film or sad drama. Something light, funny and even stupid. Give your brain a break and a chance to escape from everyday worries.The Happy End: How Did I Put Night Anxiety behind MeAnxiety did not “attack me” only in the middle of the night. It was happening all the time, out of nowhere and without apparent reason. I finally acknowledged that I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and while these methods were very good, I wanted to go to the core and cure the condition – not just the symptoms. That was the first day of the rest of my life.

Anne is a 12 year old girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. She stared out in rebellion, challenging her mother. She came into my office for anxiety. Ever since she was little she had anxiety about death and dying and now she worries about everything in in her life. She has what we call generalized anxiety. Despite her anxiety, she was quite feisty with her mother. She seems to show off in front of others and tries to get the attention from another. The main question here is what is anxiety? How do you know whether you have it? There are five symptoms to look for to find out if you have anxiety.

There are ways in which anxiety disorder in children can be treated. This treatment starts with identification of the signs anxiety disorder in children will exhibit. The signs will usually be physical manifestation of mental processes. The signs that can help you identify anxiety disorder in children include the following.Shyness is one sign exhibited by anxiety disorder in children. In this case it is an excessive form of shyness that never seems to let go of the child. Such children often have to be forced to express themselves often worsening the situation. One way of treating this condition is finding out the situations that a child is more likely to feel comfortable enough to express themselves. From this point, help the child develop their confidence such that the shyness gradually dissipates.

Unable to control your worry-the worry is so bad you cannot control it, it controls you. It is not like a light switch you can turn on and off. No matter how hard you try to block the worry, it is there nagging at you and you cannot get away from it.Restless/keyed up-you feel like you are ready to crawl out of your skin. You cannot sit still for fear that the worry might happen. Your heart pounds. You sweat. You are jumpy and waiting for the worst to happen.

Lack of concentration is common in children, but this usually goes away as they get accustomed to their environment. However, for the case of anxiety disorder in children, concentrating on a single activity is usually hard. They are always busy working on many things at a time. A good way to treat this is instilling into them the importance of working on something at a time. Show them examples when they worked on something and got it complete

In some anxiety disorder in children perfectionism is the case. These children focus on one thing for hours. They have set standards in their minds that an activity must achieve to qualify as complete. This condition can be treated by showing interest in what they do. For example, if a child takes too long in washing their hands, once they are doing it, jump in and suggest showing them a trick on how to wash their hands faster making them cleaner. Do it fast and ensure the child tries it out. This will form a change in habits for the child, although the concentration is there, they will work on activities faster.

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