What Do Girls Find Attractive in Men

Everyone knows that there exist several qualities which attract ladies. Some of these characteristics are being funny, kind, cheerful, confident, and some other traits. While it’s definitely beneficial to have these traits, there’re some, rare traits which are misunderstood, but attracts girls equally and effectively also.

The Basic Traits You need to have

Confidence. Yes, it is mentioned above as a common answer but it is very crucial to understand what having confidence means in this condition and how to grow more confident. Being self-confident gives them the feeling that you’re passionate and also provides them the feeling of you being more serious and deeply rooted. A few ways to feel more confident are: Stand with good body posture, project your voice and be louder than you generally would, maintain strong eye-to-eye contact. Doing these 3 things alone is enough to express to others that you are feeling confident. Additionally, it’s important that you know and learn about ladies, in addition to their likes and interests, as this will make you a lot more knowledgeable about them, along with make you more confident.

Be comfortable. Being comfortable is just similar to being self-confident, but we’ll go into more detail to differentiate the 2 traits. Being comfortable means you are not putting a lot of thought on the interactions between you. You will be stating lots of conversations and not all of them will result in a date or even a discussion. Being comfortable starts with realizing that even if an interaction goes completely wrong it is not an issue. One great thing about beginning conversation is that if you do several repeatedly you begin to build momentum and each opener will be far more relaxed. And by being comfortable, you may easily make up another conversation without having a lot of thought.

More Complex Traits

Being genuine. This one is key guys! Girls are much better at reading body language and understanding social cues than boys. If she senses that you’re uncomfortable on what you are currently doing, she’ll find out about it by simply looking on your behavior. Therefore it’s significant that you not be pretentious. Give her a chance to know the actual you and be confident and comfy with who you are.

Be funny and self amusing. A lot of guys make the error of trying to impress or entertain the girl. The problem is not that you’re trying to entertain her. Intentions are very different with those two. Therefore rather, simply try to entertain yourself! Just talk to her normally, and say about things that you’d find interesting and funny. Speak about the things you really want. This will draw her into your truth and she will be entertained. There is just a subtle difference on how it is done. Keep in mind, your target is to have fun, though it is important that she have fun as well.

Alright guys. I really hope that this article have helped you on how you can be a better guy for your girl. Knowing the answer to, what do ladies find attractive will help you constantly improve and become your genuine self.

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