Depression And Anxiety Medication Can Save Lives

The results of anxiety can manifest itself differently from person to person. Some people feel panicky and have trouble breathing, may pass out, and do not want to be in public places in case an attack comes on. Others become irritated and snappy and have a hard time controlling their emotions. Still others find themselves in a state of depression, unable to function correctly, becoming non-responsive to others, refusing to participate in real world activities, withdrawing into themselves and becoming self destructive by overeating, drinking or sleeping constantly.Fortunately, depression & anxiety medication can help to manage the symptoms associated with anxiety produced depression.

[Depression & Anxiety]

The constant battle between home life and professional life is one of the major causes of depression and anxiety in today’s woman. Unlike my grandmother who did not have to go out to work and still return home just in time to begin what I consider another full time career, home management, you have to juggle 2 full time careers. Sometimes I wonder if women foresaw this situation when the women liberation movement started many years ago.? Nevertheless that ship sailed (and docked) a long time ago.

Having to juggle your professional career and still play your role as a wife and/or mother is one of the reasons why you are susceptible to depression and anxiety. You can try to balance this by using your weekends to relax – tell hubby to take the children away or get a house help for the weekends. You should also strive to leave your work at work – let your boss know that you don’t take work home. If you are your boss, then stop bringing those leftover “files” to your home…it will only depress you on the long run.

A person suffering from chronic depression should consider seeking professional help from a psychiatrist or psychologist as well. Often, speaking to a professional about how you feel and hearing them explain to you what part of your symptoms are common in depressed individuals will help you not to feel so alone.

What can cause depression & anxiety? Stressful life events, chronic stress, low self-esteem, imbalances in brain chemicals and hormones, lack of control over circumstances (helplessness and hopelessness), negative thought patterns and beliefs, chronic pain, chronic physical or mental illness, including thyroid disease & headaches can ALL cause both. Little or no social and familial support can be a main factor in depression for FM patients. Family history of depression & anxiety can also be a factor.

Lack of quality sleep is also believed to have an influence on depression. Since FM & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients tend to have insomnia and/or other sleep disorders, it stands to reason that poor sleep can lead to depression.There is a wide variety of medications, vitamins, minerals, herbs and therapies that can help ease the impact of pain, anxiety and depression. With so many out there, you and your doctor may have to go through the process of trial and error to find what works best for you!

Exercise is not only good for FM, it is also highly beneficial for depression and anxiety. Recent studies suggest exercise can change your brain chemistry. Exercising can boost your level of serotonin, a brain chemical that is effects mood and pain perception. It can also stimulate the production of endorphins, natural painkillers that can give you an overall feeling of well-being.Exercise is a great for stress, too. It relieves muscle tension and it gets the heart rate up. The combination makes us more relaxed and alert, which helps us deal with our problems in a calmer and more controlled way.

Our final reason for depression and anxiety in women is actually your eating habits.Because you are “modern” you tend to eat a lot of junk food. Grab this here, bite that there and you tell yourself that you have to “eat on the move” because you live in a fast

paced world where you get left behind if you pause. Well, madam, that is all crock! If you continue to branch trough that drive through on your way to work and continue to skip lunch because you “feel” that is what your body needs, you will no doubt be a candidate for depression and anxiety much sooner than you think. And the “super mom” thingy is overrated okay – all you achieve is a mom who runs on raw nerves and caffeine.incidentally both leads to this nasty condition which we’ve been discussing all day. To solve this one, use the same techniques shown above. In addition to that get the nutrition your body requires and supplement your diet with a lot of vitamins which promotes healthy joints and bones.

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