Muscle Building Workout For Upper Body – Part 1

Grab Your Muscle Building Workout Right Now Below: http This is the first of a 2 part upper body workout that myself and Lee Hayward did while we were on vacation down in Las Vegas. I go through my exercises in this first part and then Lee shows some different exercise variations for the same muscle groups in the second part. We are doing 6 exercises in a circuit routine fashion and rotating through the circuit 4 times, increasing the weight by approximately 10 …

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  1. sk8erguy4life says:

    Dips work your triceps pretty well..and Diamond pushups…you are 12, i’d say give it a couple more years cause when your a teenager your hormones are raging and your body will handle workouts a lot better

  2. kane101nod says:

    the day i train with a backwards hat, tank top, and swim trunks is the day i clean my brain out with a 9mm

  3. Born4Guitar97 says:

    ok good:) finally i get the awnser i want:D

  4. melo15813 says:

    hindu pushups
    tricep kickbacks
    seated bicep curls

    hindu pushups
    bent over lateral raise
    wrist curl

    and i take this protein powder before i workout and before i go to sleep
    i alternate days between the first one and the second one

  5. Push-ups help too. It’s hard to recommend doing curls with weights to a 12 yr old, but if you realize the dangers and use comfortable weights, then curls should be ok too.

  6. Born4Guitar97 says:

    i am 12 years old and wanna train with body weight. how can i train biceps? i know pull ups and chin ups something more?

  7. reptielee says:

    why wen i try to sign up for ur free 10 vids i have to go throught all this crap why cant you just send them out ur so full of shit vince

  8. I think I train too hard in the gym. I really deplete myself. I guess I should tone it down and focus more on nutrition.

  9. lostbboy21 says:

    lee hayward and vince thanks!

  10. Umm, how are you comparing a compound exercise like the chin-up with an isolation exercise like a bicep curl?

    I get what you’re saying, but he’s just using sloppy form because he used too much weight, not ‘modifying’ the curl or anything like that.

  11. TheRunner217 says:

    Ok, and in a basic chin-up, you are ALSO using your shoulders, forearms, and back, yet we typically think of it as a biceps-exclusive exercise. What Vince was doing may have not been “proper” form for a curl, but it wasn’t a typical curl either.

  12. faisalmasoodqasim says:

    Nice workout……

  13. PariahScary says:

    Great advice as usual Vince.

  14. Phatfarm1980 says:

    I thought they were going for a few drinks on the last video? Sounds like they drink alot.

    Their physiques show this

  15. hardgainer080 says:

    DelMonte Curls =)))) i need to try thouse! 🙂

  16. ripper90x says:

    you keep reposting your vids i,v seen this one

  17. celconicuzn says:

    4:02 You can better than that Vince, lolol.

  18. chunkysouth says:

    good shit!

  19. blackhorror12 says:

    great video, keep it up

  20. Stop bitchin about the curls he obviously was tired to some point after the previous exercises so he had to cheat a lil bit..

  21. His arms were all over the place. In a curl you only move your forearm, HE was moving his whole arm and using his shoulders as well as his biceps. Thus it is not a proper curl, bad form. He, nor you, can blame the equipment.

  22. Seriously, look at the equipment he got. That’s the best it can get.

  23. nice one … How much you did of these workout in 1 day lol 😛

  24. agree to hahah wtf

  25. FractalThoughts64 says:

    Lol. I agree

    Everything else he did was great but what the fuck were they lol

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