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  1. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    As executive producer on this project, he could have had any narrator/voice-over artist he chose, including himself & none of those choices require your approval.

  2. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    (cont’d) you might not be so desperate for attention from total strangers which, btw, makes you look totally pathetic, especially at your age.

  3. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Ah, you’ve failed at fulfilling your dreams, so, you try to spit on everyone else who attempts to achieve theirs. Your life really IS miserable. Poor you didn’t get what you want in life, because you don’t have what it takes to achieve it, so, everyone in your general vicinity has to “pay” because you’ve failed time & again, which, btw, is totally YOUR FAULT?
    if you’d take 1/10 of the energy you use to make yourself look like an insecure ass online & put it to prodcutive use (cont’d)

  4. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Of course everyone can’t love each other-in your mind. Your too busy hating yourself & your own existance for that.

  5. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    “…hot guy in homeroom…”LOL

  6. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    You don’t have to concern yourself w/ his ability to arrouse desire w/ his natural, God-given voice. His wife is quite fond of it. His kids, too. He’s also a successful businessman, which is a helluva lot more than you’ll ever be in 100,000 lifetimes. He walks the walk, while you talk, anonymously, in front of a computer screen, trolling. One would think, that at your age, you’d find more productive ways of spending your time, which you’ll never get back, tick-tock, online.

  7. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Uh, your boyfriend is cuban & doesn’t sound like that guy…or anyone because he DOESN’T EXIST, silly old man. That Cuban guy you beat off to every night is NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND, no matter how many times you renew your subscriptions to his porn site.

  8. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    “Ride to his rescue”?LOL
    I stated the obvious. Your pathetic, little tirade about his voice is really about your feelings about & issues w/ your own sense of masculinity, or lack thereof. What you loathe about him is, in fact, what you loathe about yourself, every day of your miserable life.
    Not “off-base psychology”. Simple observation. The same types of people w/ the same types of issues always post the same types of comments on the same types of clips for the same reasons.

  9. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Serously, you’ve got to stop quoting & referencing teens from films. It makes you look like a pedophile. High school’s over, buddy & the hot guy in home still doesn’t want your phone number, so, grow up, get over it, move on w/ the rest of your life, if that’s possible for you.

  10. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Unlike you, I’d rather help people achieve their lives’ goals in any way I can. That’s real. That’s rational. Wrap your head around that one sometime.

  11. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Bi men like me are why other LGBT men & women can hold their heads high. many come to me, full of self-loathing & spite, others asking me how they should come out to their families, if at all, &, by the time I’m done w/ them, they’ve attained a level of self-respect, pride & higher standards in all facets of their lives, the likes of which, you couldn’t even fathom. What contribution do you make to other peoples’ lives, &, projecting your own self-loathing doesn’t count as a “contribution”?

  12. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    You’re a fine one to talk about “balls” Look at youself. As soon as you were “called out” for posting a STUPID remark, instead of being MAN ENOUGH to acknowledge your gaffe, you throw a hissy fit. Oh, yeah, you’ve got “balls”, not to mention, a TON of hipocrisy.
    You’re not “rational” at all.Your responses & the depths to which they sink so quickly make that abundantly clear. You’re full of BS. You just try to make others as miserable in their lives as you are in yours.

  13. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    ‘Susan’? That’s all you’ve got, as if you, or anyone, has any effect on how I see myself & my ease with my sense of my masculinity in general.
    Nice try, though.
    Actually, it as pretty sad.:)
    Thanks for proving to me that “wisdom” doesn’t always come with age…

  14. steerpike66 says:

    No hard feelings, Susan, and I’ll thumbs up all your little sermons just to prove it.

  15. steerpike66 says:

    ‘You’re dismissed’ is ANOTHER high-school kiss-off that hasn’t worked since I was 16.

    I am just dying imagining you saying these things in Jorge’s voice.

  16. steerpike66 says:


    Man, grow some balls. You can’t afford to be this much of a pussy in a world like this. I’m queer and I really get ticked off with the ‘why can’t everyone just love each other’ daytime talk-show brigade.

    So I’m rational, I don’t cosset and flatter people and I don’t bullshit. Bisexual men like you are the reason homos get their asses kicked everywhere they go.

  17. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    As soon as you MATURE & become comfortable w/ &/or CREATE your own sense of “masculinity”, you won’t be SO THREATENED by anyone else’s, which is the OBVIOUS case here. Learn & grow.

    You’re dismissed.

  18. steerpike66 says:

    ‘If you weren’t so tragic, you’d be (somewhat) amusing…’

    AHAHA! I remember saying that when I was 14! who ARE you, Thora Birch in American Beauty?

  19. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Considering how nasty you are, I doubt, very seriously, if you actually have any friends.
    Socially inept people like you rarely do.

    It doesn’t really matter how many petty, juvenile comments you post. None of them will ever make my initial post to you any less true. So, have fun proving me right.:)With each comment you’ve posted, that’s all you’ve done.

  20. steerpike66 says:

    ‘Uh yeah whatever’ is the dictionary definition of what idiots say when they’ve run out of second-hand, off-base psychology. Enjoy your childhood, Susan.

  21. steerpike66 says:

    How come the hissy kitten always insust that it’s the OTHER guy who is having the tantrum. Here you are, with a website clogged with slushy crap about ‘self-actualization’ defending a bodybuilding video from 20 years ago beacause I said your teen hero had a silly voice. You were the one who decided to ride to his rescue.

    And he still has a voice that would kill sexual arousal stone dead at 50 paces.

  22. steerpike66 says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong, my little 24 year old friend.

  23. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Apparently, what I’ve posted has hit a very deep nerve with you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be throwing such a tantrum.
    The truth does that.
    If you weren’t so tragic, you’d be (somewhat) amusing…

  24. StephanAOTTO1 says:

    Uh-huh, yeah….whatever…

  25. steerpike66 says:

    Uh my boyfriend is Cuban and he doesn’t sound like this guy.


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