Building Muscle will Help You Resist Aging

Why is it that when we think of what characterizes an elderly person that we use words like weak and fragile? We do this even if they are basically healthy with no known or obvious diseases. They do seem to move with careful steps and they do not move very quickly. They seem cautious and as if they could get hurt very easily.

What is to account for this? Why do older people seem to possess such frailty? It is because they have something called sarcopenia. This means that they are experiencing muscle loss. But just because this happens to lots of people as they get older, it does not have to happen to you.

You see, starting around the age of 25, everyone starts to lose muscle mass. And as you get older, the process begins picking up speed. In fact, around the age of 40, most women will lose nearly one-half pound of muscle every year!

Happily, even if you have already started to lose muscle, you can slow down or even stop the process. It is impossible to regrow muscle that has been lost, but this does not mean that you have to be weak. You can work the muscle you have left and get very strong.

Building muscle is not complicated, and it does not even take much time: a little goes a long way. Here are just a few ways your life will improve as a result of strength training: stops muscle loss in its tracks so you remain strong as you get older, sculpts your body, and builds muscle which will burn more calories, even while you are resting!

You basically just have to put stress on your bones and muscles and tendons. As they recover from the stress that you put on them, they will get stronger and larger. You can build muscle by doing strength training two to three days each week.

Losing a few extra pounds can help you avoid disease as you age. Vito La Fata is a fitness professional who can assist you with your personal fitness. Contact Fitness Evolution for more information on weight loss in Laguna Niguel.

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