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  1. TheAtomicDon says:

    Scooby is doo doo. JK! That guy is ripped!

  2. steve, you and that guy scooby on you tube are the only one who are straight shooters, sound advice, i love your channel

  3. message and you should listen


  4. It is amazing how people think consuming fiber-laden foods will speed up your metabolism, like grapefruit and celery. You said it Steve! Of course we need fiber to help things come out easier and it supposedly cleans you out, but it won’t cause weight loss! Some idiots don’t understand humans can’t digest cellulose. They just don’t understand that we don’t have the enzymes to do it. I think a few animals can though (termites, deer come to mind), but regardless folks Turano has a very accurate..

  5. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    I’m sure they’re not bad. Just like a pedometer. But if you watch what you eat and exercise consistently you will lose weight.

  6. are the heart rate monitors with chest straps a reliable method of monitoring calories burned?
    What do you think Steve?

  7. brushfour says:

    You have to create caloric deficit on as many days as you can. Eat just a bit less or clean up your diet. Cardio is a must as it burns calories. Besides just telling you reps and what and how to train cardio, I would join Steve’s site for a couple of months. You’ll learn much better how to train, do cardio and lean out. $40 maybe $60 bucks over 3 months and you’ll be leaner and more muscular then before you went to college. Because you probably were not as good as you could been before College.

  8. brushfour says:

    TheDudeFactory, you’ve just been consistantly consuming a few more calories then you’ve been burning while at College. Everyone does this. Beer and bartime eating are probably a huge culprit. With everytime you did stuff like that, or were too busy to workout and burn off some calories because of studying or other committments, you were putting on a certain small amount of bodyfat. It just added up over the years. It happens slowly. It’s called creeping obesity. Easy to turn around actually.

  9. WasGibtsLeute says:

    If I do cardio I do around 35 reps.

  10. TheDudeFactory says:

    I am 21 years old, 6ft tall and about 185 pounds. I used to be really lean and muscular looking but 4 years of college has really made me fat and doughy. I don’t want to get big, I want to be lean and cut. I know cardio is a must, but how should I lift weights? Like how many reps, sets, etc.? I know you’ve probably answered this before, but 200+ videos is a lot to go through. Thanks.

  11. BodyPerformanceTV says:


  12. nice!

  13. MattLacey1 says:

    Can any expirerenced weight lifter add me and pm me I have questions

  14. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    I answered your question on my 9-29-09 BlogTalkRadio show. ~Steve Turano

  15. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    I did. You can check out a picture of me on my main You Tube page. It’s called consistent, hard work. Something MOST weight lifters are not familiar with.

  16. holland11111 says:

    take your shirt off live so to prove you are not on roids !

  17. theDrumkilla says:

    It depends on your goal:

    Muscle gain>>> C=40 P=40 F=20

    Weight Loss>>> C=30 P=60 F=10

    But it’s really what’s good for you. I know you hate to hear that, but everybody’s different.

  18. What about carbs how many do they need?

  19. foathkent says:

    you should do weightlifting form instructionals uleh

  20. your right….100%. I eat burgers alot still losing weight…Ofcourse i count the calories keep em under at least 2300 and workout = weight loss.

  21. DonnieCash says:


  22. DonnieCash says:

    the body can only build 1lb-2lbs of protein a week, so if you do the math i guess it will put you in that 50-60grams a day range… besides higher caliber athlets would require more carbs, not proteins.

  23. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Probably not from 2 small protein shakes.

  24. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    That depends on your calorie make up. Try 15% fat, 30% protein and 55% carbs.

  25. I listened to your Radio Show about protein and you explained everything perfectly! gj!
    But u mention if we want to improve our performance (Build muscle) more important are carbs…does a normal diet of 5 meals/day aport sufficient doses of carbs or we need to increase that number? asuming we are alrdy in shape and want to improve performance.
    thx Steve ur gr8

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