Muscle Building Exercises & Tips For Skinny Guys

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  1. KJscooters says:

    from personal excperience, i have tryed lots of ways to put on weight. but the best was i found was going to the gym and really tiring my self out. this end up making me really hungry and i put on 3kg in 2 weeks. now im averging 1.2kg a week just buy going to the gym 2-3 days a week.

  2. mgsocelot1 says:

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  3. KaNdArIbOy786 says:

    the same here im skinny trying to gain muscle

  4. AlistairB1 says:

    Same problem for me.. I’m 6,4 but i have been told to eat a lot more rice and so on and work out at the same time, And so far it works! ( Hope that helped in some way? )

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  6. just keep at it man, thats when you start building muscle. if you can get that extra push up do it. it will be worth it when you do 30 as if they were nothing. just dont give up its a lot of work but damn worth it.

  7. zaqxswcdi says:

    this is gonna take a sec but heck i got time i guess considering you probably dont have a clue.first try eating 6 big meals so eat 6 times a day i eat at 6,9,12,3,6,9 it worked for me but healthy meals not mcdonalds.2nd do compound movements benchpress,squats,deadlifts etc. 3rd get enough water n sleep n your going to notice gaines i was 88 pounds now im 126 im not big but i helped me get where i am, im gaining about 1 pound a week roughly. n trust me this is legit advice.good luck bro<3

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  13. Brashne01 says:

    I’m 6 feet, and I weigh 110 lbs.

    I eat a lot, but nothing happens…help?

  14. ye mate, just start on wht ever u can do, aim for a certain number. so 30 is gd right now, continue to do 30 so say do 10 reps of 30 a day

    then the next day increase that number to 35, and continue. I found myself doing 70 in no time xD

  15. pantipolo12 says:

    im fukin weak.. i get tired after doing 30 push ups…

    any tips???

  16. samdewfoo says:

    Ok I apologize for my immaturity but I am an asshole, check out scooby1961’s youtube channel he also has a website that will help beginners who can do these exercises to get to them in no time.

  17. Well, at least you acknowledge that you are an asshole. Admitting it is the first step in recovery.

    There are probably a few videos to help with that as well.

  18. samdewfoo says:

    if you want a reply to your question and expect not to encounter an asshole you should get off of youtube.
    there are plenty of videos on this site that help with pull ups

  19. If you want to make a reply back to a question perhaps you should start by not being an asshole.

  20. samdewfoo says:

    well if you can’t do a pull up you should start by losing weight

  21. robertflash26 says:

    You don’t start off doing 50, you work your way up to it. After a while you should get better and better as you push yourself

  22. robertflash26 says:

    You don’t start off doing 50, you work your way up to it. After a while you should get better and better as you push yourself

  23. fidefreestyle says:

    but not if the have antioxitants right

  24. RugbyRules999 says:

    if u cant do them in 1 set, try doing as many as u can on the exercise and if u have not reached the goal of 50, split it up into 2 or even 3 sets. if u are unable to do pull ups try switching it to lat pull downs but make sure you face your elbows away from you when doing the exercise to isolate the lats

  25. Good tips but these seem to be for people who are already fairly physically advanced. I can do about 20 pushups and 0 pullups. What exercises should I be doing to get myself to the point of doing these pullups? Any suggestions?

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