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  1. NEMECEKproductions says:

    what is this .hahaahh

  2. Well other then the minute long intro great vid……but that seriously fucked me off….

  3. n 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost´╗┐ came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 vids in 30 mins

  4. NO jIMMY 2.5 STARS

  5. dodgenweave says:

    Yeah, Jimmys got sum great vids and his websites have things not on YT

  6. TrashTongue says:

    Luv the recent vid Jimmy. and i still havent been to yuor site so ia m going there now. promise

  7. bartmasenz says:

    nice vid. I will review your web site. and i subscribed to your channel

  8. darrenluvsapril says:

    Another 5 stars Jimmy

  9. reallyrealreally says:

    you are really kicking my butt with these Jimmy.. thank you so much

  10. karrywould says:

    Great job. luv the training vids from this guy

  11. floppymopp says:

    seriously burns the the thighs and calves, grade A sets

  12. YoungJeezy333 says:

    5 stars!

  13. FeelingTart says:

    Adding this to my favorites

  14. westofnina says:

    I’ll add this 2 my playlist of workouts. thanks

  15. LosingDollars says:

    ooohh I’m clicking for the free weight loss dvd

  16. jimmysmithtraining says:


  17. jimmysmithtraining says:

    Thanks. I try. You know what’s the sense of struggling and hanging out in the gym all day?

  18. jimmysmithtraining says:

    Yea split squats are straight up awesome. A really good exercise.

  19. drliquid8 says:

    I favorited and subd. I’ll b checking out more of your vids

  20. stillnotthere says:

    5 stars. 1 of the better lower body training vids i’ve seen on YT

  21. juspendin says:

    Another great set Jimmy. A+

  22. fizzleshlict says:

    Very nice training video. I added this to my fav.s for referencing

  23. mortadler, I’ve seen a few of jimmys vids and he knows how to mazimize your workout time

  24. mortadler says:

    A couple of the excercises really maximize many muscles in your legs.

  25. mjpowers1515 says:

    So the squat with one leg behind you on the bench seems to work both the calf and thigh. Never seen that b4.

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