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  1. dan22778112arr1 says:

    man i wanna fuck her

  2. type2mike says:

    Very pretty smile and voluptous by comparison to other girl fighters.

  3. myluciddesign says:

    Does anyone know who the band is that does the music for this video?

  4. cantfademel says:

    She stands ZERO chance against any male fighter with any training at all, professional or not. Can’t wait to see Cyborg crush this girl like a bug

  5. fullofhate77 says:

    I want to see her whoop a guy’s ass. Who needs youporn when you got that?

  6. BigBuckYEAH says:

    that so not hot

  7. when and who does she fight next?


  9. hey gina ,what are you doing?photos?!cyborg is waiting for you and you are doing photos1great!i hope you win,please do not dissapoint me!exercise jui-jitsu1she is not that good in that down fighting!thank you and win!kiss

  10. hey gina ,what are you doing?photos?!cyborg is waiting for you and you are doing photos1great!i hope you win,please do not dissapoint me!exercise jui-jitsu1she is not that good in that down fighting!thank you and win!kiss

  11. turismofull says:

    shes from

  12. Shokeybutsi says:

    she is the hottest female fighter i’ve seen! most female martial artists/boxers look like men, but this one is SMOKING!

  13. Andarovin says:

    She has to be one of the most physically gifted female fighters I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable speed, balance, power, etc.


  14. billysue2 says:

    there would be nobody any good at her weight in thailand,I reckon its for her looks she gets all the attention,not a problem if she has the goods in the ring and so far she has.

  15. tonyvalenteDOA says:

    you wouldn’t know what to do. she would laugh at you and say i want a real man

  16. i wud do everything to herr

  17. Mate open your eyes and look at how often she drops her guard and jsut brawls. That crap doesn’t work in the thai ring at the high levels. Well at least not in men’s because frankly they’re a lot better due to much higher competition. And fighting in thailand doesn’t mean anything for a woman since most of the biggest stadiums still dont even allow women to step in the ring.

    like i said before mate. its not about her “omg wow impressive record!” its about how good (or not) she is, period.

  18. ..i’d say shes a pretty good fighter…she had a pro Muay thai record of 12-1…thats pretty impressive especially since she had fights in thailand.
    and she has faced some pretty good opponents. kaitlin young isnt a chump is she…?

  19. Fair enough – but at the end of the day, she’s really not all that good a fighter. If she was a man and fought like that against other men the same weight then I doubt anyone’d actually know who she was. What she has is decent fighting prowess matched with a low competition sport and high sex appeal.

  20. VeggieChick77 says:

    I don’t think she markets herself that way.. She has never done extremely sex photoshoots or posed for Playboy. She’s just herself.. I’m sure she gets a lot of pressure to be something she’s not though. To be super sexy for the cameras to attract more people. I love what she’s doing for the female side of the sport and I’m glad more people are paying attention. I can accept the fact that most of the attention is b/c of the sex appeal. I just more attention was paid to the fighting.

  21. Tbh she’s only rated so highly because the competition for women is much lower and she’s hot. You want people to stop talking about that then you can keep trying.

    Fact is – gina herself markets herself to cause exactly these kind of reactions cos at the end of the day it only means more money and fame for her. So before you whine at the guys leaving pervy comments (on the internet! *gasp!*) maybe you should have a bigger problem with a “fighter” who markets themselves this way instead.

  22. VeggieChick77 says:

    Well, not really. I’m a girl who is into girls.. so I’m not so much bothered by the content of the “she’s so hot” comments as I’m bothered by the amount of them. It just gets annoying after awhile. It’d be nice if there were some comments with more substance on these videos.

  23. oh I see. you are a girl. that explains it.

  24. its also obvious that she’s a good fighter. So why should that take precedence over her hotness?

  25. VeggieChick77 says:

    Sorry, but tbh I’m getting sick of all the perverted comments left on Gina Carano videos by horny guys.. Look, I think she’s hot too but we don’t need to comment on that. It’s obvious. Can we please just talk about the fighting?

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