239. Eat This Not That Weight Loss Book

Weight Loss Book Eat This Not That

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  1. i just watched this i diden’t find the analogies that bad, i thik the reason they put it like that is because ppl will think nothing of sitting down to a big fast food meal, but woulden’t sit and eat 20 twinkys….

  2. brushfour says:

    He drinks a little Abolute and water on the weekends because he says it’s a clean vodka. But he doesn’t realize the vodka on just 2 nights is negating his cardio for the week. He’ll come home at bartime and have a large bowl of shredded wheat with skim milk and fruit. Over two nights that’s 1200 extra calories. But since it’s fruit and skim milk and shredded wheat..it’s OK he thinks. After a healthy week he treats himself to a large cheat meal on Sunday night (3000 calories). He NEVER gets lean!

  3. brushfour says:

    He assumes that clean eating automatically means lean waistline. It means a “leaner then you would have ” waist line, but you can still consume too many calories..and he does. He does an hour of moderate cardio a few times a week. (That’s about 1000 cals). He does more light lifting, muscle pumping, biceps and push-up stuff for training. He’s not putting on any new muscle. So no added calorie burn there. His diet is pretty clean but his food volume on most days is too much to lose much weight.

  4. brushfour says:

    A guy I know focuses so much time and effort into getting lean, but never really seems to get lean. He assumes that his cardio is burning more calories then it is. He assumes that weight training burns more calories then it does. His diet is pretty clean so he assumes that excess calories are not the problem. He tends to resort then to silly solutions like taking up Pilates or adding ab exercises to his routine or taking acai berries. He needs to revisit and study his weekly calorie consumption.

  5. brushfour says:

    You’d get to that 2000 calorie limit very quickly (probably by noon) because maple syrup is calorie dense and not filling. And for the large remainder of the day until the next morning, you’d have to keep moving/working but could eat nothing. You’d do that everyday for 7 days. I don’t like to hear so much about junk food and donuts on a health website either, but the extreme examples are important to hear. Because I know MANY people who are healthy clean training athletes who are not losing fat.

  6. brushfour says:

    SilentWeazel, if you were on an island for 1 week and all you had to eat was maple syrup and could only consume 2000 calories a day of it, YET through your daily activity on the island you were burning 2500 calories per day; at the end of 1 week you most certainly would lose about 3/4 to 1 pound of fat. You would be protein deficient and blood sugar levels would be rollercoasting. You’d be hungry and uncomfortable because of the blood sugar drops and lack of fiber. You’d be vitamin deficient….

  7. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    God question. 1 – Less fat is healthier. 2 – If a food has less fat in it then the calories have to be CONVERTED to fat. 3 – Yes, we still want to watch our total calories but I was proving a point that this guys diet advice wasn’t that accurate.

  8. Hey steve, I asked you a protein question very recently, but after watching this video, you mentioned that you would rather eat a 320 calorie bagel with 1 gram of fat then a 300 calorie egg mcmuffin with 10 grams of fat. Now I watch all of your videos and you usually say that the body counts calories, not necessarily grams of fat or carbs when it comes to losing weight. So wouldn’t it make sense to eat the 300 calories item with more fat then 320 calorie item with less fat?

  9. SilentWeazel says:

    Steve you seem very focused on calories. Are you going to go in to more detail, or is a calory defecit your main focus…

    It seems to me like more videos may be better dedicated to the best sources of calories. Not just “dont eat ice-cream”, but talking about insulin resistance etc. After all, i could have a calorie defecit of -200 per day. But if all my daily calories came entirely from maple syrup… no fat loss for me!

  10. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    ME either. Thanks!!! You’d think they would want to learn something but they’re afraid of change. They actually believe PROTEIN COMPANIES (featuring guys who take massive amounts of steroids) are telling the truth when they say we need MORE protein. Duh! Brainless with no ability to reason or see the truth or even the inconsistency!

  11. i just cant understand why people would send emails insulting and defaming somebody that is only trying to bring the truth and give us a better perspective about how to get in shape, go steve, i always take advice of your suggestions

  12. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!

  13. DJBouncey says:

    Great Video.

  14. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Sorry to hear that. Yes, lots of hype and extreme examples.

  15. webeducation says:

    I bought the book a couple of months ago and I have to say this guy is 100% correct with what he is saying. If I could get my money back for the book, I would.

  16. this is so true. same goes for muscle building books. I think it all started with jack LaLanne in the 60s or something, and these days people make money from writing books with the exact same info (eat enough, work out hard)

  17. FatAintGroovy says:

    The guy sounds like he just filled up some pages in a book with worthless info just to make a buck.

  18. dietweight91 says:

    nice video man

  19. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thanks! I will!

  20. great video as always, keep up the great work!

  21. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thanks! Just the truth!

  22. HamEntertainment says:

    hey check out my weight loss video and tell me if I should make more.

  23. guitarlovenjc says:

    Great video!! Nice work!!

  24. brushfour says:

    I also think that whoever takes an approach like this will not stay with it. They won’t keep good track of their wieght, they may only like 2 lbs in 2 months and feel like the ideas in the book don’t work that well so they’ll go back to the choices they enjoyed before they started. The book ” Eat This, Not That ” is a dust collector if I’ve ever seen one. People who buy this will years from now refer back to the book when they see it, as….the summer where they lost 7 lbs. Big deal.

  25. brushfour says:

    If you make the switch to a slightly lower fat burger and trade in KFC for McDonalds, you might see after an extended period of time that you lost like 6-10 lbs. Maybe as a male, you’ll go from 260 lbs and 26% bodyfat down to 250 lbs. and 23% bodyfat. You’re still going to be in bad territory…only somewhat less so. It’s not like you’re going to get compliments for your efforts,….” Hey Frank, that switch to Big Mac’s everyday from KFC is really paying off big,…you look GREAT!! “

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