What senior horse joint supplement do you recommend?

I have been looking in to buying and using some joint supplements for my 2 senior horses in their 20s. In the SmartPackEquine magazine, they have SeniorFlex especiall for senior horses, but I am not sure if it is the right thing. I feed my horses Nutrena Senior feed, Lifestyles brand not the John Lyons brand. I heard that if there are certain minerals or vitamins in their feed, you shouldn’t get a supplement that has one or all of those same vitamins as it can overload their system, is this true? Lately I have been hearing little cracks when the walk and they don’t want to lift up their feet anymore because I think it is painful or something, but sometimes they do. Could someone tell me what I should do or use?

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  1. SelleFrancaisFTW says:

    I strongly recommend Adequan IM – they’ve got arthritis, no doubt about that. X-rays would prove it.

    As of right now, there is NO SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN feed-through supplement that combats arthritis. When you buy joint supplements, you are buying on unquantified, EMPTY CLAIMS. I hate spending my money on a hope and a prayer.

    Adequan IM, however, contains both hyaluronic acid (joint fluid) and an anti-inflammatory to help stop the immune reaction which exacerbates arthritis. It’s also less invasive than direct joint injection (Legend), leaves no scar tissue in the joints, and does not expose the joints to infection the way Legend does.

    Adequan IM costs about $45 per horse per month, if you give it monthly, and if you yourself can administer the shots. This may cost more than CortaFlex, Cosequin, so on – but it is PROVEN to work. I’ve known many horses that Adequan has kept rideable – one of my own, too.

    Ask your vet about it!

    ((On a side note, MSM will cause your horse’s breath and feces to absolutely -reek-, as an active ingredient is sulfur. Just FYI.))

  2. horses_on_the_brain says:

    I used MSM and the cracking of the joints stopped in my old gelding. He never did lame up (except for an abscess I missed).

  3. vball babe says:

    i use fluid flex. it works for my horse.

  4. uh bute duh

  5. strategy makes a good senior supplement.

  6. I give my guy, MSM, and glucosimine.. (sorry cant spell it!)

  7. kerrisonr says:

    Something light and easy on their system is the best to start with when they are in the early stages of arthritis (what you’re describing.)

    We’re using "BL solution" which is "buteless" solution — it is an herbal mix of Devil’s Claw and Yucca Root that works MUCH better than anythign else I’ve tried. Its usually pretty inexpensive and doesn’t really have any side effects. You can put your horse on it and take the horse off w/o problems, unlike joint supplements or some other supplements like MSM.

    I’d give it a try!

  8. pdfma (coppermare) says:

    I’d never continuously give a horse bute! I used a product by Farnam called Next Level and swear by it. I could tell the difference when he missed a day or so of it. When I kept him on it he’d trot to eat and whinney! And he was 37 years old! I believe so strongly in this product I actually wrote the company and told them I’d freely write any testamonial they needed!! It is truely an amazing product.
    PS. My half horse ex took some of it because of old rodeo injuries he had a very painful knee after taking the Next Level he was climbing ladders fixing the roof and told me it really works!! But…he also took banamine when he trimmed or shod 20 horses (farrier)..LOL…short of the story is, it works!!

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