What is the most likely fate of the protein intake from the supplements?

An athlete wants to build muscle so he starts a protein supplement twice a day with 20 gms of protein each. In addition he eats 85 gms of protein from food. He has been working out and has been taking in 1800 calories although he requires 2400 calories to maintain his weight. What is the most likely fate of the protein intake from the supplements?

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  1. Andy Who? says:

    Depeds on what protein hes taking, if creatine is included, he is going to have major liver damage. If its just protein, then that can still cause liver damage, odds are not as high.
    Depending on whether or not he is working out hard enough, too much protein wont do you any good. Protein ingested that are not used up are excreted either by #2 or #1 <–toilet. So hes wasting good money…

  2. Depends, but I would say…that if you take protein and work out it turns into muscle and burns fat BUT if you take protein but don’t work out, it turns into fat.

    I also agree with "andy who"

  3. Doesn’t matter what goes in, it is the caloric amount. If a guy needs 2400 or in otherwords is using 2400 calories a day but only taking in 1800 he will start loosing any excess fat, then muscle mass too and lose weight– starving himself for some reason. Doesn’t matter if a guy takes in protein or fat or carbs– the body will convert whatever is ingested into what it needs– protein will be converted to fat or carbs if too much, or fat will be converted to protein or carbs if that is what the body needs. Eating fat, for example, doesn’t just make you store fat. If you eat a of fats but burn a lot of calories the body will just convert the fat ingested into proteins or carbs to fuel the body.

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