How to increase my weight and muscle mass ?

I have problem with my weight. Im 6 height , with 160 lbs
I haven’t been able 2 put on any weight and muscle mass so do you know any nutritionist /workout program to fix this problem ?

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  1. Caroline D says:

    Hard heavy weight training using compound movments (squats, deadlifts, dips, chins bench press, cleans etc) and go on a see food diet (if you see food, eat it). Perhaps not fast food but lots of protein and carbs low fat.

  2. asionatronv2.0 says:

    after you do some working out, eat/drink something with alot of protein about 20-30 mins afterwards.

  3. Alessandro C says:

    Lift weight in the gym and eat more high protein food.

  4. Matsupa L says:

    try to pratice more vagrtable and fruit.
    i think
    up on you

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  6. Go to

    This guy (the owner of the site) became my de-facto guru for working out and eating right. A no-nonsense, sensible and do-able aproach to getting bigger, leaner, muscle mass. Lots of research and facts on dieting (very important) too.

    Let me also mention that this is a FREE site. There is no product(s) he’s trying to get you to buy, sell, or anything like that. This is a site he set simply to share his wealth of knowledge in the area of physical fitness and body building. Lots of science and facts broken down fo easy understanding.

    You’ll thank me for turning you on to this one. You’ll see. Click on the link, check it out, and then come back here and give me the "best answer" vote. (It’ll be my first!)

    Thank you. Best of luck to your workout.

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