What mass building exercises can you do to build muscle without the use of weights?

If somebody wanted to get bigger/ gain muscle mass without the use of weights. What exercises could he do to get bigger arms, shoulders, chest, etc. etc. Hershel Walker did this for many years and he was huge!!

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  1. if i had to pick body weight exercises
    then i would be pullups for biceps and back
    pushups- standard for strength endurance and one arm pushups for strength
    hindu squats for strength and endurance(people do 100s at one time,even 1000s, i’ve only made it to 85)
    and one leg squats for strength
    i have a book on one arm pushups and one leg squats called the Naked Warrior. naked refers to the lack of equipment.its a great book beyond just the two exercises
    also, there are demos of hindu squats,one arm pushups and one leg squats on youtube. what is really impressive is when you see women doing one arm pushups and one leg squats and they are just regular size women too. not female body builders

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