How many calories should I eat for muscle mass?

I am 5ft 6, i weigh 129lbs, and i want to gain muscle mass. Should i be eating 3000 calories a day to gain muscle, or 4000? Thanks for the answers

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  1. richard t says:

    20 calories per pound of your body weight per day………….

  2. noitall Yorkshire England (U.K.) says:

    Just more than you use, take into account your BMR, your normal activity & your workouts

  3. The more calories the better, try using a weight gainer with complex carbs, and whey protein. Don’t fill up on sugars or saturated fats, or else you’ll gain the wrong kind of weight.

  4. Assuming you’re working out enough you need to be eating high protein low fat. Most people trying to gain muscle mass eat a lot of vegetables, rice, and chicken. If you’re working out enough you should be just fine eating as much of the stuff as you want.

  5. To gain lean muscle (assuming your lifting), forget calories and focus more on protein, the buliding blocks of muscle. Take in 1 gram of protein for every pound of your weight. So for you, take in 129 grams daily even on no-lifting days as this is a growing period for muscle mass.

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